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Nextbit Robin Will Start Shipping To Backers February 16th

Kickstarter campaigns are not usually a good place to shop for your next phone. Hardware projects often end up massively delayed and the software becomes outdated before it even ships. However, Nextbit has updated its Kickstarter page with a new timeline for shipping the first finished Robin handsets—the first batch should go out on February 16th. Could it be a Kickstarter miracle?

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Editorial: Remember The Saygus Phone? It Still Hasn't Shipped, And Should Be A "Pre-Order" Lesson To All Of Us

When the Saygus V2 smartphone (or "V Squared") was announced back in January of this year at CES, it was not particularly premium, it was not particularly interesting, and it didn't even seem especially impractical to build. It was a high-end-ish Android smartphone with dual microSD slots that allowed Saygus to claim it could have up to 464GB of storage using two 200GB SanDisk microSD cards coupled with the phone's 64GB of internal NAND.

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Supply Issues Force Cancellation Of North American YotaPhone 2 Despite Successful Crowdfunding Campaign

The dual-screen e-paper/LCD YotaPhone 2 has a sufficiently interesting gimmick that it was able to rack up almost $300,000 on Indiegogo last month. However, the Russian smartphone maker has reached out to backers to share some sad news. It is unable to get the North American variant manufactured in a timely manner, so it's cancelling the device entirely.

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[Party's Over] FTC Finally Takes Action Against A Fraudulent Kickstarter Campaign

We see a lot of questionable crowdfunding campaigns in the technology sphere. There's everything from magical multi-screen phone-laptop hybrids, to flexible wrist phones, to more dumb smartwatches than you can count. Now the people behind these outlandish projects might have a new concern to factor into the "risks" section of their pitch. The Federal Trade Commission has announced the first successful action against a fraudulent crowdfunding campaign.


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Double Fine Brings Crowdfunding Blockbuster 'Broken Age' To Android Ten Months Late

Point-and-click adventure games are experiencing a renaissance at the moment, spurred on in no small part by the ride of touch-based mobile platforms that make a natural fit with the games' simple interfaces. Surely no single adventure game has created more buzz in the last few years than Broken Age, the crowdfunded return to form for Tim Schafer and his team at Double Fine Productions. Today Act 1 of Broken Age is available on the Play Store for ten bucks.

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Tilt Allows Your Group To Easily Collect Money For Crowdfunding Goals

So your church group decides to pay for a new well somewhere that needs it. You'll have to collect $20 from each person, then bundle it all up and make sure no one's welching. That's a considerable amount of work for a big group, not to mention a lot of awkward conversations - you can only hear "I left my wallet at home" so many times before you snap, earning a scornful look from the deacon and a thrashing from your grandma after Sunday pot roast.

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Tilt (formerly CrowdTilt) hopes to alleviate that problem, and by association, reduce the number of octogenarians with strained slappin' hands.

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[Update: Indiegogo Campaign Is Bogus] Remix' Big 11.6" Android Tablet With A Full Keyboard And Multi-Window Enabled OS Reaches Its $100K Kickstarter Goal In A Day

This isn't your typical Kickstarter. Jeremy Chau, one of the company's co-founders, states it clearly from the get-go in the campaign's introductory video. Remix isn't a bunch of over-promised under-delivered hogwash that may get stuck for years in the development and manufacturing process like 90% of Kickstarter products — it is a real tablet, it was demo'ed at CES, and it's already being sold in China.

Jide, the company behind Remix, is founded by 3 ex-Googlers — the magical words that instantly make any project more legit.

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Pebble Introduces The Pebble Time Steel And Smartstraps That Do More Than Simply Hold The Watch To Your Wrist

Pebble has received 12 million in pledges since unveiling its updated smartwatch, but as impressive as that is, it's not what I've come here to tell you. This time around, Pebble isn't waiting half a year to update its creation with a higher-end iteration. One week after kicking off the project, the company has followed up with a second version, the Pebble Time Steel.

Like the Pebble Steel before it, the Pebble Time Steel doesn't change the internals found in its plastic sibling, except for a larger battery, which will apparently provide this model with up to 10 days of use.

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[It's Pebble Time] Pebble's New Smartwatch Reaches Over $10 Million In Kickstarter Funding With 29 Days Still To Go

When the time came to unveil its second generation smartwatch, Pebble returned to the crowdfunding site where everything began. Setting the bar low, the company only wanted $500,000 to call the Pebble Time project, the name of its new watch, a success. Within half an hour, it had already reached a million dollars. Now the project sits over $10.5 million with 29 days left to go.


Pebble played it smart with this campaign. Without having to part with a single device, the company has already attracted millions in funding and stirred up plenty of anticipation. Nearly 50,000 people have thrown money at the project thus far.

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Beam, An Android-Powered Light Socket Pico Projector, Reaches Its $200,000 Kickstarter Goal

There are a lot of weird convergence devices that have come and gone (and often gone nowhere) on fundraising platforms, but the Beam is probably unique. It's a combination Android-based computer and pico projector that fits in and is powered by a standard light bulb socket, allowing users to set up a small projector and/or media machine in some unconventional places. The campaign has reached and surpassed its $200,000 funding goal on Kickstarter with more than three weeks left before the end of the campaign, meaning it will (hopefully) go into production and be ready for backers in October of this year.

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