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CrossOver for Android Alpha 4 is now available, supports Android Nougat and fixes bugs

If you're not familiar with it, CrossOver is a program for Mac and Linux that allows you to run Windows programs through a compatibility layer (without actually running or owning a copy of Windows). It's based on Wine, and the developers frequently contribute code back to Wine, but CrossOver is commercial software and has a few additional features.

After three years of development, CodeWeavers (the company behind CrossOver) released an alpha build of CrossOver for Android in August of last year. Since then, CodeWeavers has continued to update it with new features and bug fixes, and today the company has released Alpha 4.

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CrossOver for Android runs Windows programs on x86 Android tablets and Chromebooks

If you have ever used Linux, Mac, or another *nix operating system, you've probably heard of Wine. No, not the beverage - it's software that allows Windows programs to run on platforms that aren't Windows. Wine is one of my favorite open-source projects, under development since 1993 and having a massive community of developers and testers. Wine also maintains a database of compatible programs, which should give you an idea of the impressive compatibility.

CrossOver is essentially a commercial version of Wine, offering technical support and easier configuration of programs. Almost three years after development started on CrossOver for Android, CodeWeavers (the company responsible for CrossOver) is finally sharing a working preview on Google Play.

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