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Ring 'Neighborhoods' program asks users to share their camera feeds with police

Ring is rolling out a new crime-fighting initiative today as part of its Neighborhoods portal, which was previously only open to users. Now, Ring has a special version of Neighborhoods for law enforcement, allowing officers to see local alerts from Ring users and request access to your videos. The facts of this story are less crazy than some of the headlines would lead you to believe, but there are still a number of troubling aspects.

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[Update: Indictments in, assets seized] FBI busts Phantom Secure CEO for selling secured BlackBerry phones to drug cartels

There are several companies that offer encrypted and untraceable phones for use by the more private figures among us, and Canada-based Phantom Secure is one of them. However, its founder and CEO, Vincent Ramos, has been arrested by the FBI on several charges, all of which are related to selling locked-down BlackBerry phones to members of illegal organizations such as the Sinaloa drug cartel and the Hells Angels.

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Android may hide sensitive numbers from the call log in future versions to protect victims

For victims of crime or domestic violence, every little bit of help is welcome. Many countries have police stations, support centers, and hotlines that can be reached, but the one thing you wouldn't want is for your attacker to see that you called one of them. That's why it makes sense to hide these numbers from the call log automatically instead of leaving it to the frightened victim to figure out how to delete a call from their history.

The idea isn't novel and ROMs like LineageOS have implemented it many months ago, but now it seems like it might become part of Android: two commits have been submitted by Spanish phone manufacturer BQ and by Sony to the AOSP code to help with this.

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Crime awareness app Vigilante is now Citizen, launching on Android

Crime is no laughing matter. Odds are, we have, or know someone who has, been affected by crime to some degree. Being able to avoid trouble is not always easy, but that's where Citizen, formerly known as Vigilante, comes in. The app is relaunching with its new name and it's on Android.

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Author Of Surprisingly Well-Marketed Android Malware "Dendroid" Arrested In Multi-National Cybercrime Raid

Last year, there was a rather widely-covered story about a piece of Android malware (rather, an Android malware control suite) called Dendroid. That malware was published for sale on a cybercrime-aligned forum known as Darkode, and it just so happens that the FBI (with assistance from agencies in other nations) just arrested the guy who wrote Dendroid as part of a larger raid on Darkode's operators.

That guy is Morgan C. Culbertson, who has a pretty solid real name, but somehow the most tragically boring and uninventive criminal alias of all time: "Android." Come on, Morgan - you could have done better.

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