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The cheapest smartphone plans in the United States

Every day we seem to be inundated with ads about who has the absolute cheapest data plan. Online, television, billboards, junk mail, even old-fashioned radio - it seems I can't go five minutes without each carrier telling me how much cheaper they are than everyone else, going so far as to hire old Verizon spokesmen and make dubious claims about reliability.

You know what? To hell with all of that. I've looked at every smartphone plan from every nationwide carrier in the country, big and small, to find the absolute cheapest plans. Let's pinch some freakin' pennies.

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Cricket Wireless is increasing available data on several plans, offering deals on new phones

Cricket Wireless is one of many MVNOs in the United States, offering a variety of pre-paid wireless plans using AT&T's network. Back in October, the carrier began offering a temporary $50/month deal that covered 8GB of high-speed data. Not only is that promotion becoming permanent, but Cricket is changing some of its other plans to offer more data.

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[Deal Alert] Score a Galaxy S7 for $325 at Cricket ($325 off)

It's Cyber Monday, folks, and even the little prepaid carriers are getting in on the sales. For today and tomorrow only, customers either joining Cricket Wireless or adding another line to their current account can get a Samsung Galaxy S7 for $324.99, making the phone a whopping 50% off!

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Cricket Wireless offering 8GB of data for $50/month, for a limited time


ESPN's Big Jump To 5.0 Brings Cricket Scores, Favorites Tab, And Region And Language Customization

There is no shortage of choice when you start thinking about following your favorite sports and teams on your phone. Google already has a pretty sweet set of cards in Google Now for a couple of sports, but there's also a lot of benefit in having a dedicated app that has specialized news and commentary, live scores, analysis, and more. ESPN is one of the most popular apps in that category — after all, that's the network's expertise and it's transmitted through the app.

With version 5.0, ESPN's app is getting a couple of major improvements that make it even more relevant.

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The ICC And Reliance Big Entertainment Release An Official Fantasy Cricket App For The World Cup

Cricket. Cricket. That's the one like baseball, but with the flat bats and a circular field and a ton of players and black tea afterwards, right? I apologize - as an American it's hard for me to concentrate on sports that don't involve constant concussions and commercial breaks every two minutes. But I am reliably informed that Cricket is enjoyed in Britain and all the places that used to be Britain (except this one). For all of those people, the International Cricket Council has teamed up with the UK arm of Indian publisher Reliance Big Entertainment to offer an official World Cup fantasy app.

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Stick Cricket 2 Swings Right, Then Left, Then Right Into The Play Store

I'm an American, and all of the people I know who are into cricket are immigrants. I would let them tell you all about the sport, but they're not the ones writing for AP, so I'll do what I can.

Basically, cricket is a sport that involves gloves and bats that isn't baseball.

Okay, now that we've gone over the basics, let's talk about Stick Cricket 2, the latest release in a very popular series of sports titles. Long story short, it's out (alright, it was never much of a long story to begin with). The new version is prettier, and it's packed with new gameplay even as the core mechanics remain familiar.

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Cricket Wireless Will Offer The 2015 Moto E With 4G LTE For Just $129.99 Starting March 13th

Budget phones used to be the bane of Android's existence, embarrassments that gave buyers horrible first impressions of the platform and sent them running, tears in their eyes, towards the nearest iPhone they could catch on sale. Things have changed. Low-end phones may not offer the looks or build-quality of their flagship counterparts, but they provide plenty of screen real estate and power for average folks to stay connected.

With the new Moto E, Motorola has again raised the bar on what we can expect from a budget device. At $149.99, we can own a 4.5-inch phone outright and experience most of what Android has to offer.

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ESPN Bowls Cricket 2015 App Into The Play Store, But Early Reviews Are Brutal

This year ESPN is letting Cricket fans stream the entire ICC Cricket World Cup over the Internet, as long as they're willing to pay $100 for the content. As part of the package, users will get to use their mobile devices.

So the network has released its Cricket 2015 app into the Play Store, shortly before games begin on the 14th. The app provides access to all 49 live matches and follows the teams from Afghanistan, Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Pakistan, Scotland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, United Arab Emirates West Indies, and Zimbabwe.

Unfortunately, early reviews are brutal. We're seeing a clean run of one-star reviews for reasons ranging from crashes to a lack of Chromecast support.

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ZTE Continues Its Big & Cheap Push With The 6-Inch Grand X Max, Available From Cricket On Friday For $200 Off-Contract

Chinese smartphone manufacturer ZTE still hasn't made a dent in the US market in any significant way, but it did turn heads with the ZMAX for T-Mobile, combining a big 5.7-inch screen and a spacious battery with a low price tag. The new Grand X Max, coming to budget carrier Cricket on October 10th, is even bigger and cheaper. This massive 6-inch phone will pack a beefy 3200mAh battery, all for just $199.99 without a contract.


Of course at that price the Grand X Max isn't exactly grand to look at - plastic seams are easily apparent despite the faux carbon fiber back and the slim bezels.

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