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Indie puzzler Path to Mnemosyne just landed on the Play Store

DevilishGames' indie puzzler Path to Mnemosyne was just published on the Play Store by Crescent Moon Games. The title has been available on consoles and PC since 2018, and today marks the official release on mobile. Most notably, Path to Mnemosyne offers a unique black and white design where the game's hand-drawn path continually zooms out, making for a surreal experience that's almost hypnotic. Of course, puzzles will play a significant role in your progression to ultimately restore a young girl's lost memories.

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Galaxy Stack crosses shmup action with block stacking, out now on Android

Over the years Crescent Moon Games have released more than a few successful mobile titles on the Play Store, and Galaxy Stack is the latest release from the company that should have no problem finding success among its peers. At first blush, Galaxy Stack may look like yet another pixel-based shmup, but it's the odd addition of block stacking mechanics in this title that mixes things up for something pretty unique.

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[Hands-on] Morphite, an atmospheric explorative sci-fi shooter that is a heck of a lot of fun

Crescent Moon Games' exploration-based sci-fi first-person shooter Morphite is finally available on the Play Store. And sure it may not have officially released yet, but a final beta is plenty good enough for me to give this a quick test run to let everyone know how it is shaping up.

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Operation Dracula Is A New 'Bullet Hell' Shooter From Crescent Moon Games

How many bullets do you like to see in your top-down shooters? If you answered "a reasonable number," then Operation Dracula is not for you. The latest game published by Crescent Moon Games contains lots of snappy chiptune music, multiple characters, and a totally unreasonably number of bullets. Thus, a "bullet hell" shooter.

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Nearly Three Years Later, Crescent Moon Games Releases Sequel To Epic Aralon RPG - $5, No In-App Purchases

Aralon: Sword and Shadow HD, is one of the most ambitious 3D mobile RPGs in memory. It also had nary an in-app purchase, something that has become sadly uncommon in this day and age of freemium. After two-and-a-half years, Crescent Moon Games has released the sequel. Meet Aralon: Forge and Flame.

Visuals look very substantially improved from the original, which is probably to be expected given how far mobile graphics have come since early 2013. The game promises a "massive" world to explore, three races and four classes to choose from, real-time shadows, first and third-person views, and dynamic day and night cycles.

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Crescent Moon Games Finally Launches 'The Deer God' On Android With A 30% Off Sale

The Deer God was kickstarted about a year ago and was subsequently released on Steam. We've been waiting on the Android release ever since. Android users got an early alpha as part of a Humble Bundle way back in late 2014, but now the final version is ready. You can pick it up in the Play Store for $6.99, which is 30% off the final price.

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After Four Years, Popular iOS Twin-Stick Shooter 'Deadlock: Online' Comes To Android With Cross-Platform Multiplayer Support

Deadlock: Online is a top-down multiplayer shooter with over two million downloads that has pitted iOS users against one another since 2011. Now Crescent Moon Games is bringing the 3D twin-stick shooter to Android.

The standard online shooting staples are covered. You have your regular deathmatch and team deathmatch game modes, along with one called Capture & Hold that tasks you with holding an area longer than the other side. There are over 30 military weapons available for you to aim at the seven other players each battle is capable of supporting. Much of the content has to be unlocked, which you can do the old-fashioned way or by opening your wallet.

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Crescent Moon's Sci-Fi Shooter EXILES Graduates From The Humble Bundle To The Play Store, Available Now For $7

Slowly, ever so slowly, mobile platforms are approaching "console quality" for high-end games. Given that this is a pretty nebulous term in and of itself, I'd say that in fact developers' skills in adapting the big-screen experience to touchscreen controls and using the limited resources available on mobile hardware to the fullest are much more important than any graphical upgrade. But enough rambling: EXILES, a new 3D sci-fi shooter from publisher Crescent Moon Games, is now on the Play Store.

We got a first look at Exiles: Far Colony last month, when it debuted in the latest Humble Bundle for Android.

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Crescent Moon Humble Bundle Offers Up To Ten Games For A Low Price, Including Four Android Debuts

Crescent Moon is a solid publisher of Android games, offering titles from a variety of developers across nearly every genre. Today it's the latest company to partner with Humble, offering an impressive collection of Android games in a DRM-free format with a "pay what you want" structure. Four of the games included in today's bundle can't be had on the Play Store, at least at the moment. Right now you can pay $8 to get all ten titles, and more are on the way.


The new Android games in this bundle are Space Chicks, 2-Bit Cowboy, The Deer God, and Exiles: Far Colony.

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[New Game] Topia World Builder From Crescent Moon Games Lets You Become The Deity You Were Always Meant To Be

Lo, and then the lord did tap the touchscreen interface and cause great mountains to rise up from the landscape. Then with a swipe and a tap, the lord did create all the creatures of the land. Following all that, the lord made the sky purple, just because, for this god is a confusing and temperamental god. This and so much more is what awaits you in Topia World Builder, which has just hit Android after a good long run on iOS.

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