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YouTube adds Patreon-like membership tiers and paid stickers for live chats

Even though YouTube has long become a multi-million-dollar business, individual creators can sometimes still end up struggling when they rely only on the built-in ad revenue (SnazzyLab's Quinn Nelson has a great explanation on this, if you have an hour to spare). Google sees these problems and is looking for ways to help YouTubers diversify their income. At VidCon, the company announced that it adds multiple tiers of Channel Memberships, extends Super Chat with purchasable stickers, and adds new native merchandise options.

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YouTube Live gets improvements to latency, chat moderation, and iOS streaming

It's been a busy time for YouTube recently, with the launch of a more material desktop version and a new logo, which also made its way to the Android app. A lot of that was superficial, of course, and the site still functions in pretty much the same way. An increasingly popular feature is live streaming, and Google has just announced some improvements designed to make YouTube Live "faster, easier and more accessible."

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Facebook introduces new video platform Watch in a bid to compete with YouTube

For a while now, Facebook has been trying to figure out what to do with video, both in its app and on the site. The social network has been testing various UI changes, such as a live streaming tab and a suggested video FAB. In the States, there has been a video tab in place of friend requests for some time, for many users at least. Since the company gave up on pushing live video quite so hard, this has been home to video notifications and suggested videos as well. Facebook has reimagined this space once again, and it will now be home to a new video platform called Watch.

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