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Adobe Lightroom CC 4.4 update brings video import, image recovery, and more

If you capture, edit, and share RAW images from your smartphone, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better solution than Lightroom. While the Android version doesn't have feature parity with its PC and macOS counterparts, the August 2019 update adds a few interesting features to close the gap.

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Adobe Lightroom for Android v3.1 adds tablet UI, selective editing, intelligent search, and more [APK Download]

For years, Adobe Lightroom has been the editor of choice for photographers. As opposed to Photoshop, which is more designed for pixel-level editing and layered images, Lightroom is geared towards manipulating photos. It's non-destructive, meaning that any changes can be easily reversed, and all of your edits are kept in the app's catalog.

Adobe has offered iOS and Android versions of Lightroom for a while now. You can select certain collections (aka albums) to sync to the cloud, for editing and viewing on the go. As you might expect, the mobile apps don't have all the functionality of the desktop applications, but they can still be helpful for quick tweaks and importing photos from your phone/tablet.

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Adobe Capture CC updated with Android tablet support, doesn't bother to add landscape mode

Adobe's current Android strategy seems to be publishing as many small, single-purpose tools as possible to augment the workflow of artists and designers using its main Creative Cloud programs on a desktop computer. Capture CC is a tool for adding things like custom colors, brushes, shapes, and other Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign assets via a mobile camera. The Android app launched in October of 2015, and apparently Adobe didn't think anyone with an Android tablet really needed that functionality until now.

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Adobe Releases Illustrator Draw And Capture CC Apps In The Play Store

Ah, Adobe. You can't turn around without Adobe either discontinuing or releasing another app that fits somehow into its complicated product ecosystem. Today we're getting Android versions of Illustrator Draw and an app called Capture CC. The functionality of this one isn't technically new—it's an amalgamation of three other apps, which are being phased out.


Adobe Releases Photoshop Mix, Brush CC, Color CC, And Shape CC On The Play Store

Adobe, would you just pick a version of Photoshop for Android and stick with it? After unceremoniously dumping the conventional image editor Photoshop Touch last month and leaving us with the more Instagram-style Photoshop Express, Adobe has now released Photoshop Mix on the Play Store after a period of iOS exclusivity. This app is more powerful than Express, but less powerful than Touch, and attempts to bring a more manageable interface to phones.

image (8) image (9) image (11)

In particular the new app has selection tools and basic layer functionality, meaning it's suitable for at least some advanced image editing functions beyond mere touch-ups and filters.

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Adobe Releases Creative Cloud Preview For Android To View And Manage Cloud-Based Files (Including PSD And AI)

Adobe's latest Android creation is Creative Cloud (preview), a file management tool connected - as the name suggests - to Adobe's Creative Cloud.

For those unaware, Creative Cloud wraps up Adobe's effort to transition to a subscription-based service model, providing updates to the Creative Cloud suite of software (which replaced Creative Suite), and online services to aid in collaboration and file/asset management. A free CC membership includes trial access to Adobe's creative tools and 2GB of cloud storage.

To the latter end, the Creative Cloud app for Android allows users to access and preview their stored files from a mobile device, even previewing PSD and AI files.

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Adobe Officially Releases Six Touch Apps For Android – Making Design, Editing, And Presentation Easier And More Portable Than Ever

At midnight EST, Adobe released the much-anticipated  family of Touch Apps to the Android Market, bringing an incredible array of design tools to Android 3.1+ tablets everywhere for $9.99 a pop. The list of included apps is, no doubt, impressive, including Kuler, Photoshop Touch, Debut, Ideas, Collage, and Proto. We've got full, hands-on reviews of each in the works, but in the meantime, it's worth summing up each of the apps individually.

Creative Cloud

Before digging into the individual apps, it's important to mention Adobe's Creative Cloud. The Creative Cloud is what brings Adobe's Touch Apps together, allowing users to upload and download content in a variety of formats to and from the cloud, connecting Android Tablets and desktop machines.

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