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Time Warner Cable App Updated To Not Instantly Crash On Android 5.0

The Time Warner Cable app has been updated with a few bug fixes and whatnot. One notable change is that it actually works on Android 5.0 now. See, before it just didn't run on Lollipop, but the changelog calls it a simple crash fix. Oh, you guys.


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[Bug Watch] Wireless Chargers Cause Freak Crashing On Android 4.3 With The Latest Google Play Services

Sometimes relatively insignificant software bugs come together in what can only be described as a perfect storm, wreaking havoc and leaving the victims without recourse. Only a few days after the KitKat announcement, complaints of some rather odd behavior on Nexus devices (mostly Nexus 4s) running Android 4.3 started popping up around XDA, the Google Product Forum, and the AOSP Issue Tracker. People were waking up to find alarms failing to go off and most of their apps crashing instantly.

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Angry Birds Space HD Is Finally Available In The Play Store For $2.99, But Honestly, Rovio, Why?

Maybe you weren't waiting up til 4am EST, eagerly anticipating the release of Angry Birds Space. That is what you have us for, after all. If you were, though, you might remember that only one version of the app made it to the Play Store that night: the free version. Later, though, Rovio released "Angry Birds Space Premium," which is the ad-free version of the app. Now, Rovio has released Angry Birds Space HD.

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