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Anki's adorable new toy robot Vector is available for pre-order now

In late 2016, San Francisco-based robotics company Anki released Cozmo, a robotic toy brimming with personality. The little guy looked like something out of Wall-E, with its curious animation and expressive digital eyes. Now, Anki's back at it with a new tiny robot named Vector that clearly shares Cozmo's DNA, but promises more functionality.

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Anki Cozmo app update expands programming functionality

Back in September, Anki released a special Collectors Edition of its Cozmo toy robot, alongside a major app update for both the original and new models. One of its Cozmo's many features is the ability to program basic tasks through the mobile app. While a full Python-based SDK is available for those wanting to use real programming languages, the drag-and-drop Code Lab had most of the essentials.

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[Deal Alert] Cozmo app-controlled robot is $127 ($53 off) on Amazon

Back in September, I got to try out the Cozmo Collector's Edition, a re-release of the 'Cozmo' app-controlled toy from last year. I definitely enjoyed using it, but the high price point of $179 made it a tough sell for many. Now you can get the original version for $127, a savings of $53.

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[Deal Alert] Anki's Cozmo robot is $152.99 ($27 off) on Amazon

Cozmo, which is unfortunately unrelated to Cozmo Kramer, is a fairly popular interactive toy robot. It can stack tiny blocks, play games, and be controlled like a typical RC car. If you've been waiting to try it out, you can now buy Cozmo off Amazon for $152.99, a $27 reduction from the usual price.

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Anki's Cozmo robot starts shipping today for $179.99

Anki's first foray into consumer AI toys was Anki Drive (later Overdrive), and earlier this year the company announced a new AI product. It's a robot called Cozmo, and it's available today. Unlike some of the other consumer robots, Cozmo doesn't pretend to be a personal assistant or household helper. It's a toy, but a smart toy with personality.

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Cozmo is a 3D-animated intelligent robot that fits in the palm of your hand, available now for pre-order

It's 2016. Where are the robots? I don't mean the boring, factory drones that have gone after jobs. I mean the cute ones. The robots that follow you around and make adorable sounds, like WALL-E.

Anki, the company who brought us smart toy race cars, has asked this same question. Then it assembled a group of people who decided to do something about it.

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