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[Deal Alert] ZeroLemon's 20000mAh Solar Juice External Battery Is $19.98 On Amazon After Coupon Code ($27.90 Off)

External battery packs come in all shapes and sizes, but there's something about a solar panel that makes me want one more. I conjure up images of a battery that never dies and never needs to be charged, that can get me through a power outage after a summer hurricane with an overabundance of energy.

In reality, ZeroLemon's Solar Juice power banks might reach a full charge after several days of optimal sunlight. Fortunately, they're good external batteries in other ways. They're water, dust, and shock resistant. They come with two USB ports. They also offer a flashlight. Then there is the generous capacity.

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[Deal Alert] Pick Up A Tronsmart Two-Port QC2.0 Car Charger Plus Two MicroUSB Cables For Just $7.99 After $12 Off Coupon

If you drive a tiny car like I do, you know the struggle of a long car ride, two passengers, two phones, and only one power port. If you'd like to alleviate that frustration, head on over to Amazon. Today you can grab a Tronsmart car charger that has two ports for just $7.99 with a coupon. The charger is compatible with Quick Charge 2.0, and on both ports to boot. If that's not enough to convince you, they're throwing in two MicroUSB cables for free.

To take advantage of that low price, add the Tronsmart charger to your cart, then check out and apply the coupon code "DUALPORT" to bring the price down from $19.99 to $7.99.

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[Small Deal Alert] Spec-Compliant USB 2.0 Type-C iOrange-E Cable $10.99 With Coupon On Amazon

About a month ago, Google engineer Benson Leung went on an Amazon crusade against companies claiming to sell USB Type-A to Type-C charging and data cables. As Benson found out from his extensive reviews, most of them were selling non-compliant cables with the wrong kind of resistor that could potentially damage your Type-C devices (like the new Nexus 5X, 6P, Chromebook Pixel). The list of correct cables was small and the braided USB 3.1 USB 2.0 iOrange-E was among them. It also happened to be the cheapest back then at $14.99.

A month later, the situation has changed a little bit.

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[Deal Alert] Declare A Truce In The War For The USB Port With This Tronsmart Quick Charge 2.0 4-Port Car Charger For Just $10 After Coupon

This month millions of people will be travelling to see friends and family for various holidays. And that's great. What isn't great is a 12-hour car trip with five people and only one available DC outlet for five phones, two tablets, one Wi-Fi hotspot, and a USB-powered cup warmer. With a little advance planning and just ten bucks, you can avoid backseat scuffles and keep everyone charged and happy thanks to a 4-port car charger (compatible with Qualcomm's Quick Charge 2.0 standard) from Amazon.

The Tronsmart unit isn't overly flashy or complicated, it's just 4 USB ports and a cigarette lighter adapter (and from the photos, it looks like it doesn't have any annoyingly bright LEDs, either).

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[Deal Alert] KMASHI 15000mAh External Battery Pack Reduced To $12.50 On Amazon With Coupon Code

For some people, an external battery pack provides comfort during a power outage. For others, it's a necessity, a way to avoid being alone once the sun sets.

Either way, don't spend your money on a charger that can only re-power your phone once before blowing its load. Instead, wait for a deal online and get something that can go five times as long.

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[Deal Alert] Save $35 On The $100 BÖHM Bluetooth Headphones With Active Noise Canceling On Amazon

Headphone deals are all over the place on Amazon and various other retailers' sites this weekend. But most deals we've seen so far are about wired headphones, which aren't all that practical if you don't want to be tied down to your phone by wires. Bluetooth is better, but switching to wireless usually involves some loss of quality, limited battery life, and a hike in price. Not so much with this BÖHM set.

These headphones usually cost around the $100 mark, they connect to your devices via Bluetooth 4.0 or an included 3.5mm cable. They have some playback control buttons, rotating ear cups, and what seems to be a nice leather headband.

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[Update: New Codes] Save $9 On Tronsmart QC2.0 Car Chargers: Dual-Port With 2 Cables For $10.99, Three Ports With 1 Cable For $8.99

Qualcomm has just announced its Quick Charge 3.0 technology, but it will take a while to make its way into new phones and accessories. However, we're starting to see the commoditization of Quick Charge 2.0 accessories, like these 2 Tronsmart chargers for example that are getting their prices slashed in about half.

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[Deal Alert] Amazon Has An Aukey Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger For Just $5.99 With A Coupon

Quick Charge is handy in just about any context, but it's especially useful in the car. With older phones on some roadtrips, using Google Maps navigation and streaming music at the same time actually made my battery power drop even as the phone was charging. With a Quick Charge-compatible car charger, that's no longer an issue. These upgraded chargers tend to be a little more pricey than their standard alternatives, but today Amazon has an Aukey-branded charge available for just $12.99. Add the coupon code 2P77G62C at checkout and you can take another $7 off the price, bringing it down to $5.99.

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[Deal Alert] Icefox F1 Portable 12,000mAh Charger $14.87 On Amazon After $9 Coupon

Are you in the market for an external battery pack? No? About to be tempted anyway? I thought so.

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[Deal Alert] Get An Omaker 10W Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker For $25 (Down From $35) With Coupon Code

You want a portable Bluetooth speaker. Sorry, that was meant to be a question. You want a portable Bluetooth speaker? Then listen up.

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