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[Deal Alert] Two 6' USB-C to USB-C cables $5 at Amazon w/coupon ($7 off)

It's not often a deal ends up being over 50% off, but that's the case today. Right now over at Amazon, you can pick up a pair of six-foot USB-C to USB-C cables for $5 with a coupon code. They aren't explicitly Benson approved, but they are alleged to possess the requisite resistor, and the current ratings have it at 4.2 stars from 310 reviews.

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[Deal Alert] UK only: Take £100 off the HTC 10, down to £470

Hey United Kingdom readers. We know you don't get to participate in a lot of the Deal Alert posts here on Android Police. We're sorry about that... especially since you folks could probably use a few discounts right about now. Well here's a pretty good one: take 100 quid off of an HTC 10 from the company store. It's available on right now - just add the coupon code SUMMER100 when you check out. It brings the full price down to £469.99.

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[Deal Alert] Choetech Qi Wireless Charging Pads Up To $10 Off On Amazon With Coupon

The era of ubiquitous wireless charging isn't quite upon us. With metal bodies blocking the connection and fast charging reducing how much time we spend tethered to a wall, most of us don't expect to see all that many people (even those with high-end devices) dropping their phones on pads

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[Deal Alert] Coupon Code Knocks $100 Off HTC 10 Pre-Orders, Brings Price Down To $599.99

The HTC 10 is a flagship phone, and it comes with a flagship price. Placing an order for one will cost you $699.99. That's enough money to buy a couple laptops or a dozen and a half Fire tablets.

Fortunately there's a coupon code that will reduce the price.

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[Deal Alert] Monoprice Has The Pebble Time Smartwatch For Under $100 (Plus Tax And Shipping) After Coupon

If Android Wear doesn't meet all your smartwatch needs, the Pebble series of devices is an impressive alternative... and it doesn't hurt that most of the time, it's the cheaper option. That's especially true today: discount online retailer Monoprice has the latest version of the platform, the Pebble Time, on sale. You can pick one up for just $97.99, plus shipping and local sales tax, when you apply the coupon code "AP20" at checkout. That's a discount of over fifty dollars compared to the retail price of the plastic model.

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[Deal Alert] Kmashi's 20Ah External Battery With Quick Charge 2.0 Is Only $19.99 After $13 Off Coupon Code

Portable chargers are nice. They don't quite make up for phones with crappy battery life, but they come close. Plus they bring the peace of mind that comes from knowing you won't be tethered to a wall if your phone decides it won't make it through the evening.

You can grab one at full price, but the reason you're reading this is so that you don't have to. So let's cut straight to the chase.

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[Deal Alert] Save 20% On All SmartThings Products As Part Of Spring Sale

When you connect something to Wi-Fi, it becomes a smart thing. When you connect multiples, they become smart things. SmartThings took this concept to heart and made this the name of the company and its products. SmartThings makes things that make your home smarter by transmitting data over Wi-Fi.

To kick off spring, SmartThings is selling all of its products for 20% off.

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[Deal Alert] Grab This 20k mAh Slim Portable Dual USB Charger For $19 After $16 Off Coupon

Portable battery packs are nice. When they're slim, they're even nicer. Taking up less space goes hand in hand with the whole being portable thing.

iMarku makes a 20,000mAh external battery pack that is only 12mm thick.

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[Deal Alert] Buy Tronsmart USB Type C Cables, Car Charger, And Wall Charger With Quick Charge 3.0 For Up To $11 Off Using These Coupon Codes

You may not have paid much money for that new Nexus 5X, but the cost doesn't stop there. That single charger the phone came with simply isn't enough. You need one for your car, one to connect to your computer, one to keep in your bag, and one for every outlet of every room in the house, give or take a couple.

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[Deal Alert] iOrange-E Again Has Coupon Codes For Its Braided USB Type-C Cables, Except This Time There's C-To-C

Readers who follow our deal alerts already know that we have a thing for iOrange-E's braided USB Type C cables. We've highlighted them a few times now and have pointed out how Googler Benson Leung says they won't inadvertently damage your USB Type C devices. Thing is, we've only shared USB C to A cables in the past, as in cords with USB Type C on one end and a regular-sized, fat USB plug on the other.

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