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Spotify Premium Duo comes to the US and 54 more markets

For couples who live together, the Spotify Family plan has been a good way to save a few pennies on your subscription, but the Premium Duo plan announced last year offered up the chance to save even more. Until now, it's only been available in select countries, but it's just arrived in the US as well as 54 other markets across the globe.

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[Update: 14 new countries] Spotify launches Duo plan for couples in 5 countries, with special Duo Mix playlist

Up until recently, Spotify had two plans for you to consider: the single account and the family plan, both billed monthly. Then the music streaming service launched in India and introduced daily, weekly, yearly, and more granular plans to fit any user or family's demands. This adventurous approach is carrying on now, with Spotify launching a special plan aimed at couples.

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[D'aw] Google Photos can now create 'Love Story' movies

One of the neat features of Google Photos is that it can automatically create videos around certain ideas. Just select a theme, choose the people (or pets, depending on which theme), and Photos takes care of the rest. Now, a new couple-focused theme is available: Love Story.

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Opinion: It should be easier to share and collaborate on some Google services, particularly Chrome and Contacts

For the first thirty years of my life, I was a lone wolf both offline and online. Then a funny Tinder conversation (of all places, gosh do I know!) with a stranger turned into a dinner, and we were pretty much inseparable since. Suddenly, most of the "me" decisions became "we," and as much as I like to think that choosing between Google Drive and Dropbox isn't a life or death situation, I do rely a lot on the services I use daily. They have to enable me to do things efficiently and smoothly, not stand in the way. My online choices were never a matter of flipping a coin but a thoughtful process that became doubly so when I knew I had to collaborate and share part of my data with someone else who might have different tastes and requirements than mine.

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Family-Focused Social Network Life360 Acquires Romantic Messenger App Couple After Dinner And A Movie

It's Valentine's Day. We at Android Police won't belabor that particular point, but the family-focused social network provider Life360 will, because they've made a serendipitous purchase that just happens to coincide with this weekend. The company has purchased Couple, another targeted social app that goes after, well, couples. The announcement was made on Friday, but it's surprisingly lacking in any mention of a price, because huge denominations of money that aren't attached to large vehicles or small carbon concentrations aren't very romantic.

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