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Google Assistant may support 38 more countries and 17 more languages in 2018

Google's Assistant and Assistant-powered hardware are a huge convenience, but the limited markets and languages for both have been anything but convenient for many. While Google has been slowly rolling out new countries for Home hardware and more languages for the Assistant over the last year or so, it looks like the company is gearing up to expand its footprint significantly. In a leaked slide from a presentation at the DNI (Digital News Initiative) summit in Amsterdam, Google revealed a literal map of its upcoming plans.

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Messenger v1.8 Fixes A Major Crashing Bug On Android N And Adds Manual Override For Incorrectly Detected Countries [APK Download]

An update to Google's Messenger application rolled out yesterday afternoon. Like a lot of other updates lately, this one appears to be centered around clearing up bugs and issues rather than adding new features. For regular travelers or those that have some compatibility issues with their local carriers, there is now an option to override the automatic country detection the app currently performs. Those users on Android N can also look forward to a fix for a pretty critical bug that could cause Messenger to crash with a simple YouTube link.

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Bug Fix: YouTube Links No Longer Crash Android N

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For those people living on the edge with the Android N Developer Preview running on their primary (or only) phone, there can be some pretty critical bugs that tend to break things in really unexpected ways.

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9to5 Android Wear Watch Face Is Perfect For Anyone Who Can't Wait To Get Off Work

A lot of you might like to follow the example of the esteemed Johnny Paycheck, and tell your boss to Take This Job and Shove It. Alas, if you want to keep eating and sleeping indoors, you'll simply have to take comfort in Alan Jackson's less confrontational message: It's Five O'clock Somewhere. But if you've got an Android Wear device, we've found a watch face that might just make your Shift Work (Kenny Chesney) more bearable by showing you exactly when you can start singing the 5:01 Blues with Merle Haggard.

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The 9to5 Working Hours watch face uses the segmented radial approach to scheduling that we've seen before in apps like 12Hours.

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