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[Update: Now in India] Samsung Bixby's voice commands are rolling to more than 200 countries

Samsung's controversially received assistant, Bixby, has rolled out its voice command features in Korea and the US, but if you've been just dying to try out in other countries, you're now in luck. Samsung says that the voice commands are available in 200+ countries worldwide including the UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and more.

You will still be limited to speaking in US English and Korean — tough luck if you wanted to use it in other languages — and you will need to own a Galaxy S8 or S8+ to have Bixby in the first place, but once those requirements are met, you just have to press and hold the Bixby button to activate the feature.

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Google Trips, Flights, and Destinations come to new countries with new languages


Google adds support for app listings in local currencies for 8 new countries

Residents in countries like Bangladesh and Macau can get used to seeing round numbers on their bank statements from Google Play. Google has just rolled out support for setting specific prices in local currencies for eight new countries. Keep in mind, these countries previously had Google Play, and purchases in them were still in their local currency. But, now developers can set specific prices in these places, if they choose to.

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Android Pay v1.22 prepares Visual ID facial recognition based on Hands Free and reveals testing for Brazil, Trinidad & Tobago, and Canada [APK Teardown]

Android Pay may not have had a massive launch, or has been as aggressively rolled out as Samsung Pay, but it is steadily setting up shop in more countries around the globe. If you don't happen to find yourself in one of the dozen countries that have either already seen a launch or at least have an official promise of one coming soon, you might be interested to know that Google has at least set its sights on a few other countries. Text in the latest update of the Android Pay app hints at four previously unannounced markets. There are also obvious signs Google is merging the recently closed Hands Free experiment into Android Pay and expanding it significantly.

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Facebook is making Messenger Lite available in 132 more countries, but not the US

The Facebook app and Messenger are commonly criticized for being too large and consuming too many resources. For people in emerging markets with less powerful devices, that can be an issue, which led Facebook to develop Facebook Lite and Messenger Lite. Now, Messenger Lite will be available to download in 132 more countries. Not in 'Murica, though.

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[Update: Official] Feature or Fluke: You can now purchase items on any other country's Google Store

I'm 99% sure I shouldn't be writing this article because it might be a bug and it's one I personally, really, really, really do not want Google to fix. But on the off-chance that it is indeed a new feature and for the sake of journalistic integrity (and at the expense of my own benefit), I'm going to tell you that something has changed in the Google Store recently and it's definitely for the better: you can now make purchases in any country's Google Store*.

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[Exclusive] Nexus 6P Will Be Available For Pre-Order On September 29th Starting $499.99 In The U.S., UK, Ireland, Canada, And Japan

Remember the Nexus 6P? Do I even need to ask? Just two days ago, we got a glorious look at almost everything the phone is touting, from the 5.7" WQHD display, the camera, the 3450mAh battery, the dual front-facing speakers, and the Snapdragon 810 v2.1 processor. Hot? Maybe, a little bit.

What's even getting hotter is its pre-order date. According to our trusted sources, you should expect to give your Franklins to Google starting tomorrow, September 29th, the same day as the phone's announcement. How many Franklins exactly? Five. Well, minus a penny, but who's counting. That's for the 32GB version of the phone, but remember that this particular Nexus will come in 64GB and 128GB options too.

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[Exclusive] Nexus 5X Will Start At $379.99, Available For Pre-Order On September 29th In The U.S., UK, Korea, Japan, and Ireland

By now, you know all there is to know about the Nexus 5X, don't you? You've seen it in leaked press renders and on Amazon India, you could recite its specs by heart — the 5.2" 1080p display, the Snapdragon 808 processor, the GSM and LTE bands in its FCC documents, and more.

What you really, really, really, really, really want to know is WHEN, GOOGLE, WHEN? And that answer is coming soon, sooner than you think. We've come across some information that we've no reason to doubt that tells us pre-orders should be open tomorrow, September 29th. You won't be waiting long after Google announces the phone to be able to start throwing money at your screen.

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Google Play Newsstand Paid Content Now Available In The Philippines, Poland, Taiwan, And Ukraine

Newsstand is probably the least sought-after of Google's various media offerings in the Play Store, if only because most of the content found in those newspapers and magazines is available elsewhere. Even so, Google seems to be standing by it. Today four new territories have access to the paid issues and subscriptions in Newsstand: the Philippines, Poland, Taiwan, and Ukraine. Readers from those countries, head to the Play Store on the web or your phone or tablet to check it out.


As usual, the change was posted in an update to the official Google Play availability chart. Free content on Newsstand is available everywhere, but so far only 22 countries have access to paid content.

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Netflix Will Expand To Italy, Portugal, And Spain In October 2015