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These Ring and Nest doorbell bundles from Costco come with a year of free video cloud service

Even the most jaded smart home cynic can see the use in connected security systems, locks, and doorbells. Our own David Ruddock recently called his new smart door lock "the most sensible smart home gadget I've used," and, by his own admission, he's difficult to impress. For those interested in getting in on the smart home doorbell/lock/security kit game, Costco is currently offering discounted Ring and Nest bundles, some of which offer year-long subscriptions to cloud services for storing security video.

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Arlo BF deals: 5-camera Pro 2 bundle $700 at Costco ($100 off), 1st-gen refurb kits of 3- to 5-packs $200-300 on Woot

Arlo's Pro cameras are wireless, weather-resistant ways to kit out your home with smart security cameras, but they're a bit on the expensive side. For some perspective now the Arlo Pro 2 5-pack is a hair under $1,000 over at Amazon. But if you're a Costco member, right now you can pick up that five-camera bundle for $700, and Woot has refurbished three-, four-, and five-camera kits for $200-300.

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Nest Thermostat 3rd gen and Google Home Mini bundle is just $170 ($70 off) at Costco

If you haven't yet outfitted your house with any smart home products and you'd like to get started, Costco is currently offering a Nest Thermostat 3rd gen and Google Home Mini bundle for just $169.99, $70 off the bundle's regular price and a huge savings over the individual prices.

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[Deal Alert] Costco offers up to $500 in lump sum Samsung trade-in credit toward T-Mobile Note9

Many of the recent Pixel 3 leaks haven't exactly been celebrated — our own recent poll results show 60 percent of participating readers don't like the look of it — leaving the well-reviewed Samsung Galaxy Note9 in a strong position. Carrier deals only enhance the allure —for instance, T-Mobile's offer of up to $500 in trade-in credits (split over 24 months) on Note9 activations. Even better, though, is Costco's new offer in partnership with the carrier, which gifts the full $500 in one lump sum. 

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[Update: Working again] Deal alert: Lenovo's 10" Smart Display is already $200 at Costco ($50 off)

Yesterday, Google and Lenovo formally announced the unimaginatively named Lenovo Smart Display after teasing us with it for months. The assistant-powered screen and speaker combo was set to go on sale today, with pricing revealed to be $199 for the 8" model and $250 for the 10". Humorously enough, you can already pick up the larger model for the price of the smaller thanks to Costco, which has it for $50 off/$200 a mere day or so after it was revealed. 

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[Deal Alert] Google Home Mini 3-pack is just $80 ($40 off) at Costco

We know, we know; we just posted about several places offering Home Mini 2-packs for $58 a pop, but there might be something better for you if you were looking to purchase more than two Home Minis. Costco is currently offering its Home Mini 3-pack for just $79.99, amounting to about $26.67 per speaker.

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[Deal Alert] Google Home Mini 3-pack only $80 at Costco ($20 off)

The Google Home Mini is probably the best value smart speaker you can buy. Not only do you get a fully-fledged Assistant experience, but you get okay sound out of it, too. Last Christmas, they went on sale for $30 each, which basically made them an impulse buy. Costco has had a 3-pack for a while now, which dipped down to $100 not too long ago (which was already a great deal). Now, you can pick up this bundle for a measly $80, almost half of what you would spend to buy three Home Minis separately at their $49 MSRP.

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[Deal Alert] Google Home Mini 3-pack is $100 ($15 off) at Costco

As a pleased owner of a Google Home Mini, I often find myself wondering why I didn't buy one or two more of these tiny smart speakers to scatter around our apartment unit. When I ask my wife what she thinks of getting some companions for our lone Mini, she aggressively asks "Why?" — and, well, that's the end of that. But now Costco is giving me some new ammunition, thanks to a deal offering members the chance to purchase a Google Home Mini (charcoal or chalk) three-pack for just $99.99, which is $15 off of the normal going price.

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Google is looking to turn product searches into purchases from select retailers with Shopping Actions

According to a report from Reuters, Google has been working on monetizing all the product searches that pass through it and almost inevitably go to Amazon by pointing buyers to other places they can purchase the same item. Search results won't be affected, so you'll likely still see Amazon among the top results if you look for something, but the sponsored shopping results will start showing products from its Shopping Actions partners.

Google has already teamed up with Target, Walmart, Costco, and Ulta Beauty, who are listing their products and linking their loyalty programs on Google Search, Google Express, and through the Google Assistant on phones and smart speakers.

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[Deal Alert] Ecobee3 with three room sensors bundle is $199.99 for Costco members ($100 off)

Costco members, I've got another deal that's just for you. Right now, you can pick up an Ecobee3 smart thermostat, plus three room sensors, for $200. That's a good price, especially when you consider that Amazon has it for another $35 more. 

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