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Bored with 3D animals? Google also has skeletons, cars, Santa, the Mars Rover, and other AR objects

We're supposed to stay inside right now, but that shouldn't stop us from exploring things we'd normally see in museums or shops thanks to 3D models available in Google Search on Android and iOS. We've already covered which animals and pets you can lure into your home, but if you and your kids get tired of acting as an amateur zoologist, there is a whole world to explore, starting with planets and space crafts courtesy of NASA over anatomy all the way to shopping for shoes.

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YouTube caps streaming quality at 480p in India due to coronavirus

YouTube and many other streaming services have lowered their bandwidth utilization to prevent possible network congestion problems due to everyone staying home and using the internet more than usual in these trying times. For many, YouTube videos start playing at 480p or 720p automatically, but it's still possible to manually select a higher resolution. According to XDA Developers, Google has taken a more drastic approach for some regions in India and has started capping streaming quality at 480p for those using the Android or iOS app, with no option to go higher manually.

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Public webcams show just how empty coronavirus has made our world

With quarantines being imposed in many countries across the world, I've been wondering what our planet must look like right now. Empty streets, empty squares, empty towns, everything just... empty. If you surveyed from above, would it seem like humans have deserted Earth or are there still signs of our lives, if you looked closely? Then it occurred to me that I can easily snoop in on the world from the safety of my couch and discover its new, unprecedented facet with all the signs of civilization but no people. I started looking at live public CCTV camera apps and feeds and, after spending hours lost in the desolate streets, I ended up liking three apps, each for a different reason.

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Coronavirus helped Google Classroom surpass 50 million downloads

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, most schools and universities around the world have had to close. Institutions have turned to services such as Zoom and Google Classroom, which have skyrocketed to being the most popular ones on the Play Store. Google's service has become so famous that it just passed 50 million downloads.

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Here’s how Google is helping with coronavirus information and education

Google's apps and services are among the most-used in the world, so it's no wonder that people turn to the company when they want to find out more about the coronavirus pandemic. In order to suppress misinformation and help its users find trustworthy sources, Google took a lot of measures, including a COVID-19 website created in cooperation with the WHO and the CDC and many editorialized search results in all products. While it's pretty easy to spot all of this information yourself while you're using Google apps, we'd still like to give you a broad overview of some of the measures.

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All the new movies, including early theater releases, you can watch at home right now (Updated)

No matter where you look, almost every industry is feeling some kind of impact from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Theaters were among the first to close their doors to hinder spread of disease, but this left many current and upcoming movies without a proper theatrical release. Some studios are opting to delay major films, but many of the flicks are still coming out as scheduled, but in the form of early releases through streaming services. Many of us are movie fans, so we're going to keep track of the films that are only headed to the home theater.

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Alex Jones's Infowars app has been kicked out of the Play Store for spreading coronavirus misinformation

The Infowars app has been removed from the Play Store. Originally booted from the iOS App Store back in 2018, the Android version had remained available through Google's app venue until today. It was removed to combat the spread of harmful misinformation included in the app which pertained to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic (popularized as "coronavirus"), which is against Google's developer policies.

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Google is probably cancelling its annual April Fools jokes this year

April Fools has always been intertwined with the internet, and no company has embraced it like Google. It has long created fun, wacky gags each April, but it won't do that this year, according to a new report. An internal email from Google marketing boss Lorraine Twohill allegedly says Google is playing it straight on April 1st, 2020 out of respect for those fighting the coronavirus.

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Google pledges $800 million to coronavirus causes

The US Government may be paying out $2.2 trillion as part of the recently-approved relief bill, but Google is also stepping up to the plate to help — admittedly, in a smaller way. The company is pledging to hand out over $800 million to help support organizations and businesses affected by coronavirus, including $250 million to the WHO and other government agencies, $200 million for NGOs and financial institutions, and a substantial $340 million Google Ads credit for small and mid-size businesses.

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OnePlus extends warranty and return periods due to coronavirus (Update: Loaner device program details)

Most companies have been putting out statements to assure customers during the coronavirus pandemic, and OnePlus is no exception. Following up on a post published last week, the company has just announced that it is extending warranty coverage and return periods to make things a little easier for customers. It's also working on a "back-up device program" that lets you apply for a loaner device while your own undergoes repairs.

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