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What We Use, 2018 Edition: The stuff Corbin can't live without

It has been a year and a half since my last 'What We Use' post, where I explained what technology and products I used on a regular basis. Nearly every aspect of that post is now out of date — in my never-ending quest to find what devices, services, and applications are best for me, my arsenal of technology has completely changed.

I've upgraded my desktop, switched phones, bought and sold two laptops, and purchased a car. Like all 'What We Use' posts from the AP staff, this is mostly an opportunity for me to ramble about technology I like.

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Meet the new guy: Corbin Davenport

The boxes of all my Android devices (minus the watches).

When I started writing for Android Police earlier this month, some of you recognized me from when I installed Windows 95 (among other things) on my watch. But outside of me shoving emulators on my watches, I've worked on some cool projects and spent way too much on electronics.

I started trying to learn development when I was around 12, armed with a copy of Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and my iMac G5. A year later, I started developing extensions for Google Chrome, which I still work on to this day. I still regularly update my first extension, Wikipedia Search.

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