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[Update: New name, better image] Photo shows Pixel 4 in new orange "Coral" color - looks like a creamsicle

A photo on Weibo is making the rounds recently, showing off what looks like the back of the Pixel 4 in three different colors. We've already seen both the white and black versions a few times, but the photo shows off a new orange colorway which will probably end up being called "Coral," given both the text accompanying the leak and Google's documented use of the name for orange products before.

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Leaked 'coral' Pixel 4 color goes official in Google Times Square ads

As spotted on Reddit late last night, Google has started running advertisements in Times Square showing off the orange "coral" Pixel 4. The ad invites us to "set a reminder for October 15," the date of Google's upcoming Made by Google event, also set in New York City, at which the phone is expected to be announced.

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More Pixel 4 images leak as ‘Coral’ model is caught on video

As we edge ever closer to the official announcement of the Pixel 4, more and more leaks are emerging to show us what the phone will look like, including an unexpected but beautiful 'Coral' version. With this phone, Google has even taken the unusual decision to share renders and information about the device's radar technology as part of intentionally released marketing. Along with a video of the 'Coral' version, another round of images have appeared on Reddit today, and they're the highest quality ones we've seen so far.

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Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL might be codenamed "coral" and "flame"

We've taken our time in covering the lead-up to the Pixel 4 and 4 XL announcements — presumably several months away. Our strongest statement on the developments so far was our editorial about modular clickbait. But we may have more to latch onto from here on out with the revelation of some new aquatic codenames: "coral," "needlefish," and "flame."

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A coral fabric base is coming soon to the Google Home

The original Google Home is about to get some new family members. The smaller of the two, the aptly named Home Mini, will come in three colors: chalk, charcoal, and coral. In order to match the latter, Google will soon provide a reddish base for the regular Home so that your personal assistant decor can match each other.

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