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Yummly now tailors its recipe suggestions based on what's in your pantry

Yummly has been, and continues to be, my favorite cookbook and recipe manager app. I love browsing the app for suggestions and ideas, but I also like digging into different ways to prepare a certain dish then combine them all for my own version. Until now, my two biggest complaints were the inability to make personal notes or recipes, as well as the lack of an option to search by ingredients. The second issue has become moot as the app just added a proper pantry manager and search filter.

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Panna's video recipes and cooking classes are now served fresh on the Play Store

There are the cooking and recipe apps where millions of users can upload hundreds of versions of the same meal, vote, save, and adjust, and then there are the apps where you only see a select list of recipes curated by professional chefs who have perfected everything to the maximum. Panna falls into that second category.

The service has been available on iOS and the web for a long time, but it has just now landed on Android. It offers more than 400 video recipes with step-by-step instructions from some of the most renowned chefs in the world with insider tips and hacks, plus private classes that teach you everything you need to know about specific topics like cooking Italian or mastering bread baking.

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[New App] Flavourit Personal Cookbook Comes To Android, Looks Delicious

During the dawn of personal computing, PC manufacturers claimed that a huge selling point for women was the ability to store all their recipes in one simple location. We've come a long way since then, but they weren't completely wrong: technology is definitely helpful in the kitchen. While there are dozens of personal cookbook apps floating around on Google Play, Flavourit looks to set itself apart from the rest with a few unique features.

It's got an interesting and intuitive interface that makes adding and sorting recipes quick and easy, but my personal favorite feature is sharing the recipe as an image. Anyone who cooks has needed to share some homebrewed concoction before, so the ability to just instantly create a good-looking and informative graphic is super cool.

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Android Cookbook Is A Crowd-Sourced Book Of Recipes For Learning App Development (Available Both In Print And On The Web)

There are countless methods out there for learning Android development from the Android Bootcamp video series to the boatload of print publications currently in circulation to Google's own Android tutorials. Looking to create something both unique and helpful however, Android Cookbook has compiled a crowd-sourced set of recipes for "writing great Android apps," making them available for free online.

The online cookbook, which relies on user recipe submission and group moderation, was recently finalized for publication by O'Reilly, meaning it's now available both on the web and in print from various retailers. In its 22 chapters (plus an "other" category available online), the cookbook already has nearly 300 recipes for those eager to learn Android, and it continues to expand.

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[Updated: Here Are The Winners] Book Giveaway #9: Five Readers Will Learn To Create Apps With The Android SDK Using The Android Developer's Cookbook

Once again, we're teaming up with informIT to give away yet another book. This time around, it's perhaps what you'd call a higher-level book that might be especially useful to those familiar with developing, though it's still accessible to those just starting out. The book: Android Developer's Cookbook: Building Applications with the Android SDK.

The Book


Written by James Steele and Nelson To and published in October, 2010, the book spans a whopping 400 pages. It's available in both eBook and print for $25.59 (or $24.34 on Amazon) and $31.99, respectively - or $43.19 for both.

Want to get started building applications for Android, the world’s hottest, fast-growing mobile platform?

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