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Google will soon let you turn off conversation view in Gmail app

Gmail changed how we use email forever the instant it appeared. The days of managing a measly 25MB inbox ended, and conversation view made it easier to follow long email chains. However, some people never got used to conversation view. Gmail will offer a reprieve on Android very soon with the option to disable this feature.

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Gmail app now alerts you to deleted messages from threads, gives option to view

The desktop/web version of Gmail has been undergoing a lot of changes in recent months, but the Android app, in comparison, has languished a bit. At least one feature from its desk-bound counterpart is trickling down to mobile, though. The indicator warning that messages have been deleted from a thread has made its way into the Gmail app for Android as of v 8.7.15.

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Gmail v8.3 prepares to add per account setting for Conversation View, gets closer to launching 'snooze' [APK Teardown]

It's time for another update to the Gmail app. Like so many apps lately, there's nothing in the way of visible changes upon updating, possibly because we're starting in on that lead-up to I/O. However, a teardown does show that users may soon get to turn Conversation View on or off for each of their Gmail accounts. There's also more progress on Snooze, which may hint at a launch coming very soon.

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