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Google app v8.5 beta prepares to enable Continued Conversation mode, but possibly just for Google Home [APK Teardown]

Google has been progressively enhancing its speech-related technologies for years, starting in the early days with mostly straightforward commands before aiming much higher with natural language processing and conversational back-and-forth interactions. At I/O 2018, a demonstration included the next stage of this evolution, which has been dubbed Continued Conversation. A beta update to the Google app began rolling out last night, and it's preparing to unveil this new feature.

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Google Translate rolls out new interface with faster access to conversation mode

There are many ways you can get a translation on your Android phone like searching for "translate x to Spanish" or going to the Google Translate website. But if you're travelling or your work requires constant access to translation, the Google Translate app is essential and thanks to its latest changes, it's even a little easier to use.

The first thing you'll notice in the new interface, which appears to have rolled out through a server-side change (the latest version dates back to early February), is the new icons. There are now four of them instead of three, they're in an indigo shade, and they're more centered.

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Exclusive: Upcoming Version Of Google Translate Will Include WordLens Image Translation And Auto-Detection For Conversation Mode

A few months ago Google purchased the developer of the impressive WordLens app, which translates text and signs from another language into your own simply by pointing your camera at it. The text appears in your language through the lens, as if you had super-powered Translate-O-Vision. As with Waze and Google Maps, it looks like Google's own Translate app will soon see the benefit of that acquisition. Check out the screenshots below, taken from an upcoming version of Google Translate.

wm_Screenshot_2014-12-06-03-02-01 wm_Screenshot_2014-12-06-03-02-46 wm_Screenshot_2014-12-06-03-02-53

You can see WordLens' trademark feature at work in Google Translate above, where it's live-translating an English menu into Spanish without any kind of delay or recording.

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Google Translate For Android Hits Version 2.0, Receives Conversation Mode, Updated UI

As far as Android translation apps go, Google Translate is still among the best available - sure, it isn't perfect, but it's free and for the occasional translation it'll suffice. To celebrate the app's first birthday, Google has updated it to 2.0  and added a new feature called "Conversation Mode."


Image Credit: Engadget

Conversation Mode allows you and your foreign friend to speak in two different languages before having Google Translate display the words you say onscreen in your native languages (as seen in the second screenshot above). For now, it only works with Spanish and English, and it has problems with regional accents, background noise, and rapid speech, but it's a start.

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