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Google Home can now cast content from Red Bull TV in the US

Red Bull has become the eighth official Google Home video streaming partner in the United States. Red Bull TV joins the likes of Netflix, HBO NOW, and Crackle in the exclusive club of services whose content can be summoned to your television using your voice via Google Home in the States.

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You can now turn on and off your Chromecast-connected TV with a Google Home command

It's the little things you guys. Sometimes, you're sitting in the living room and you just want to turn on your TV without reaching for that remote. Sure, you can ask Home to play something on your Chromecast, which will automatically turn the TV on, but then it'll start playing something while maybe you just wanted to see those pretty backdrops. And forget about turning the TV off, that just didn't work.

Until yesterday that is. Google published a new support document that explains that you can now turn on and off the TV with Google Home. You'll need to have a Chromecast connected to your TV and for the TV to support HDMI-CEC with CEC turned on (basically this is what allows the TV to turn on automatically through an HDMI command).

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