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Google preparing Assistant Continued Conversation for phones

Google has slowly been rolling out Continued Conversation across its smart home devices. Assistant-equipped displays have only received the feature that allows you to keep on talking without shouting "OK Google" for every consecutive command in March. It seems like Google is now also preparing to launch Continued Conversation on phones, as evident by a new Phone setting for the feature which some people are receiving via a Google app update.

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The next-gen Google Assistant will be super fast and work on-device, coming to Pixels later this year

Google Assistant is about to get smaller, smarter, and faster. The company has announced at I/O 2019 that it has shrunk 100GB of voice samples and language modeling into half a gigabyte and can now store them locally on devices, meaning that consecutive voice queries can now be responded to immediately. This next-generation Assistant is coming to the Pixel phones to be released later this year.

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Continued Conversation on Google Home works in UK English (and possibly more)

Continued Conversation lets you reply to Assistant after it answers you, without having to repeat "OK Google" every time. For instance, after asking it for the weather, you can respond to your smart speaker with another command such as "How about tomorrow?" Until recently, the feature only supported US English, but the company has now made it available to all English users.

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[Update: Google announcement] Continued Conversation is rolling out to Assistant smart displays

Saying "OK Google" is already more syllables than are required to wake up competing smart assistants like Alexa. Saying it again just moments later to complete another task gets annoying. Google released "Continued Conversation" last year to make Home speakers listen a little longer to catch additional commands. It didn't work on smart displays like the Home Hub, but that changes today.

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Google app v8.91 beta prepares Continued Conversations in German, tweaks to Slices and Collections, and more [APK Teardown]

Ever since the Google app moved to weekly releases, often with several minor updates along the way, notable changes have been spread out. This update brought the rollout of Android Auto integration for Google Podcasts, but aside from that, the last few updates have been pretty conservative with their changes. As a result, teardowns from the last few versions are getting bundled together in a single post to keep things cleaner for our readers.

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Google app v8.5 beta prepares to enable Continued Conversation mode, but possibly just for Google Home [APK Teardown]

Google has been progressively enhancing its speech-related technologies for years, starting in the early days with mostly straightforward commands before aiming much higher with natural language processing and conversational back-and-forth interactions. At I/O 2018, a demonstration included the next stage of this evolution, which has been dubbed Continued Conversation. A beta update to the Google app began rolling out last night, and it's preparing to unveil this new feature.

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Google Assistant will support continued conversation, becomes smarter with multiple actions

At I/O today, Google announced that Assistant on Google Home will soon be able to hold a conversation and respond to multiple requests without a user having to repeat "Okay Google" each time. The feature is similar to 'Follow-up mode' on Alexa, which became available a couple of months ago.

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