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Chrome may get a new way to share tabs between mobile and desktop, plus incognito media notification changes

In the dark, dank, early days of Android, sending content from your phone to your desktop required either a third-party tool like Pushbullet or Google's Chrome to Phone and companion Chrome to Mobile extension. Thankfully Chrome switched to a convenient "tab sync" multi-device history that allows you to share sites across devices easily. Even so, it's not the most direct system, and according to Chrome Story, a "self share" feature that provides a more obvious workflow may be coming to Chrome. XDA has also spotted another upcoming change which censors the content in media notifications on Android in Incognito Mode.

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[Update: Screenshots] Chrome OS feature will let users resume Android browsing sessions

One of the nice features in Microsoft Edge for Android is the ability to move browsing sessions from your PC to your phone, and vice-versa. For example, if you're reading an article on Edge for Android, you can tap a button to make the page appear on your desktop. Now it looks like Chrome OS might implement similar functionality.

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