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Samsung's Fortnite contest offers gaming goodies and the chance to play with streamer 'Ninja'

Samsung is all-in with Fortnite after partnering with Epic to launch the Galaxy Note 9 with a (brief) exclusive on the game. Buyers of the Note 9 and Tab S4 also get a custom character skin, and this is at the heart of Samsung's new contest. Posting a screenshot of your latest conquest can win you a ton of gaming gear or a chance to play a few rounds with noted Fortnite streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins.

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Google will crowdsource Android Wear watch face designs from the internet

Do you fancy yourself a designer? Well, you might be able to get your art included in an upcoming collection of Android Wear watch faces. Google is working with Paper Magazine to get design ideas from the internet. Interested? You've only got a few weeks to get your submission in.

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Humble Mobile Bundle Eye Candy Updated With Two More Games—Plus We're Giving Away 10 Free Codes [Update: Winners]

The most recent Humble Mobile Bundle has been live for a week, and that means two things. First, there are more games in the bundle. Second, we're giving away 10 codes that entitle you to the full selection of games. Yay.

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The Humble BulkyPix Mobile Bundle Adds Three More Games—Plus We've Got 10 Free Codes To Give Away [Update: Winners]

As is the tradition, the latest Humble Bundle has been updated with more games to entice those on the fence to drop some cash. The bundle now includes Aby Escape, Orborun, and Jazz: Trump's Journey in addition to the eight games it had before. If you're still not sold, we might be able to help you out with a free bundle.

2015-06-23 09_45_16-Humble BulkyPix Mobile Bundle (pay what you want and help charity)

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Humble Mobile Bundle 13 Adds PUK And Jump'N'Shoot Attack—Plus We've Got 10 Free Codes To Give Away [Update: Winners]

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is halfway through its run, and you know what that means. Yes, more games. The bundle now includes both PUK and Jump'N'Shoot Attack to encourage more purchases, but you might be able to get it for free. We've got 10 free codes to hand out.

2015-06-08 14_50_12-Humble Mobile Bundle 13 (pay what you want and help charity)

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Humble Mobile Bundle 12 Adds Groundskeeper 2 And Highrise Word Heroes—Plus We've Got 10 Free Codes To Give Away [Update: Winners]

The current Humble Mobile Bundle has been live for a week and there's one week still to go. That means new games have been added to sweeten the deal. The already great selection of six games has been joined by Groundskeeper 2 and Highrise Word Heroes.

2015-05-11 16_15_07-Humble Mobile Bundle 12 (pay what you want and help charity)

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Humble Mobile Bundle 11 Adds Skullpogo And Oh My Giraffe—Plus We've Got 10 Free Codes To Give Away [Update: Winners]

The new Humble Mobile Bundle has been updated with new games, and you know what that means (if you've been paying attention). Yes, we have 10 free bundle codes to hand out. The new additions are Skullpogo and Oh My Giraffe, and you can have your chance to win these titles and more just below.

2015-04-13 13_44_15-Humble Mobile Bundle 11 (pay what you want and help charity)

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[Update: Winners] Humble Mobile Bundle 6 Adds Carmageddon, Time Surfer, and Llamas With Hats—Plus, We Have 10 Humble Bundle Codes To Give Away!

The Humble Mobile Bundle 6 was already a awesome with the likes of Threes! and Duet up for sale. As is the tradition, a slew of new titles has been added to sweeten the deal. If you aren't sure about paying money for all this great stuff, we've got 10 codes to hand out courtesy of the fine folks at Humble Bundle.

2014-08-12 15_01_30-Humble Mobile Bundle 6 (pay what you want and help charity)

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[Giveaway] Win One Of Five Cases And Desktop Chargers From Android Police And Seidio For Answering A Question

Let's get real for a minute, shall we? When I say real, I mean real -- let's talk about protection. We all know of it, and while some of us use it regularly, others go without it all the time. Not only is this a horrible practice, but it's just not safe for any of the involved parties. Think about it, if you will -- what potential consequences could you suffer from going without protection? It's time to start acting a bit more responsibly -- it's time to get safe.

Naturally, I'm suggesting that you get a case for that expensive device in your pocket (where was your mind?).

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AmazonWireless Is Holding A Video Contest With $15k In Prizes, And We're On The Panel Of Judges

So, here's the deal: our friends over at AmazonWireless are having a contest in which they will be giving away $15k in cold hard cash. Since it will be difficult to decide who wins all by their lonesome, they pinged us and asked if we'd like to sit on the panel of judges. Naturally, we accepted the offer, because, well... why wouldn't we?

The Deetz

Ah, so you're curious as to what this contest is all about? Here's how it works: you make a 60-second (or less) video explaining how AmazonWireless simplifies the phone-buying process and upload it between now and September 28th.

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