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[Update: Android Too, And Content Descriptors] Google Play Store Listings Start Showing The New Content Ratings And Interactive Elements On The Web

Back in March, Google announced a few changes to its Play Store listings — a content rating system and a manual approval process for apps. The latter had been in effect for a while, but the former is now showing up on the web version of the Play Store. (I can't see it on my Android phone yet at the time the article is being written.) Edit: It should also show up on Android, on the Play Store version 5.6.6.

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The Play Store Starts Showing Maturity Ratings More Prominently On App Listings

Ever since the Play Store's latest design revamp, several listing details got buried in the expandable description under "Read More." Many of these have been resurfacing back to the main app page or have had their visibility improved over several Play Store and server-side updates (like the download badges), and it looks like Content Rating — or Maturity, Parental — is the next detail to get a prominent upgrade.

Some users have started seeing a change in the way the Play Store displays Content Rating on apps and games — it doesn't seem to affect movies, music, or other sections of Play yet.

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Android Market Apps To Gain Mandatory Content Ratings Next Week

The Android Market has been getting quite a bit of attention lately, with a 6-hour maintenance, a whole host of new fields available to developers, and the rumored web version that is supposed to arrive with Gingerbread. Today, Googler Eric Chu shined some light on the next upcoming feature - mandatory content ratings for Android apps. In a post over at Google's Android developers blog, Eric announced that in the next few weeks, all apps will gain a content rating level, specifically:

  • All
  • Pre-teen
  • Teen
  • Mature

Starting next week, Android developers posting or updating their apps in the Market will be required to set the rating.

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