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Google app v8.14 beta reveals upcoming Pixel Stand smart dock, in-car enhancements with Herbie, and more [APK Teardown]

A new version of the Google app made a late-night appearance on the beta channel. As is common, there aren't many new things to see after installing it, but there are plenty of topics to discuss from doing a teardown. The latest additions include text revealing an upcoming Pixel Stand charging dock, settings for a YouTube TV content filtering option, and what looks like enhanced voice-controlled features for use in the car based on work Google has done with Assistant-enabled headphones.

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Google+ Adds Stronger Community Content Filters And Anti-Spam Controls

Spam is the bane of our lives, even moreso now that we're all online and bots can be programmed to abuse any system that allows people to generate content and where other users read and consume said content. So is the case with Google+ communities. If you're starting your own community and you expect it to be popular, you're probably dreading the amount of spam that you'll have to deal with just to keep things rolling like they should.

Now Google+ has its own content control system on the web, Android, and iOS that checks posts for questionable content and flags them for the moderator to manually accept/reject them.

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[APK Teardown] Chrome Beta 41 Appears To Be Adding Support For Kid Accounts, Samsung's AirView, And Notifications For Web Apps

Update Wednesday wasn't particularly active this week, but Google did push a few bug fixers out before the day was done. While most of the apps only saw minor version revs with little more than minor tweaks, Chrome Beta 41 came down the pipe with some noteworthy improvements like pull-to-refresh and an option to block only 3rd-party cookies. However, it turns out that those weren't the only new bits to be found in this release.


Kid Accounts, Again

A couple of months ago, Google Play Services 6.5 landed with a handful of new bits and pieces, including the first signs of a feature referred to as Kid Accounts.

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