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New Google+ Create Program Looks For Excellent Content Creators, Offers Verified Profiles, Early Access To New Products, And More

Each of the major social networks has evolved to place emphasis on something that they have excelled beyond all others. Twitter is the king of what's current. Facebook is all about planning events and staying in touch with family and friends. And despite a constant narrative about its impending doom, Google+ has become one of the best places for actual content creators to share their work. Photographers, writers, chefs, and other adventurous, interesting, and creative people have come together to share their passions.

Yesterday, Google announced a new program called Google+ Create that will fuel this trend by featuring great collections and the people that put them together.

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YouTube Outlines Ten Upcoming Features In A Creator Preview Video

YouTube is just over ten years old. That's about the time that a global and ubiquitous web service oughta straighten up and stream right, throw off adolescent comforts and maybe start considering some branch-off services, like Music or Games. The development team has decided to release news of upcoming features in that time-honored and totally not aggravating format, the video list. The following is specifically for "creators" (read: people who upload regularly and/or try to make money with videos), but some of the information is interesting for mobile users.

If you don't have four and a half minutes to spend watching for the new stuff, here's a breakdown in the old-fashioned and completely dead text format.

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YouTube Now Offers Fan Funding In Four Countries - Here's A Look At How It Works

YouTube thrives off the videos produced by independent content creators all over the world, and while it compensates many of them through ads, that money is hardly enough to make a living off of in most cases. Earlier this summer Google said that producers would soon have the option to request donations right on their YouTube pages. The feature's live now, so here's a look at how it works.

When you're watching something produced by someone who's willing to accept donations, an icon will appear in the top left corner of the video. In some cases, hovering over that icon will reveal a banner with the option to support to current channel.

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[Editorial] Hey Google, What Ever Happened To Movie Studio? (Or: It's Time To Start Caring About Content Creation Again)

Back in February of 2011, Eric Schmidt took the stage at MWC to announce Google's latest tablet-oriented app: Movie Studio. It was a rather exciting new addition to Google's first foray into the tablet world. This made it possible for tablet users to not just view content, but to create it as well. This was a big deal. At the time, Apple already had a year-long head start on tablets. Not only would Android need a lot of third-party app support, but first-party apps would be essential to the platform's success.

You may recall the Xoom didn't sell too well.

Part of the problem is that Movie Studio sucked.

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