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Hangouts v16 reorganizes its contact list and search results [APK Download]

Hangouts v16 began rolling out earlier this week, followed this morning by an updated changelog that speaks of making it "easier to find the right contacts quickly" and the obligatory bug fixes and performance improvements. There aren't any major changes, but the contact list and search results are organized differently. Additionally, an old part of the interface has been removed.

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[Update: Email/SMS via labels too] Google Contacts 1.6 adds new Suggestions screen, updated icon, pull-to-refresh, and more [APK Download]

The Android application for Google Contacts has mostly been neglected over the years, but back in August, the 1.5 update introduced an updated interface and new abilities. Contacts 1.6 is now available from the Play Store and APKMirror, with a new icon and a few important changes.

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[APK Download] Google Contacts 1.5 adds hamburger menu, labels, and more

Google Contacts is a great way to keep your contacts organized, but the Android version always lacked some features from the web app. The Android app has always been simplistic in nature, with the UI consisting of just a constant stream of contacts and an Add button. Google Contacts 1.5 is a welcome improvement, so let's dive in!

User interface changes

The hamburger menu in action.

The hamburger menu in action.

Previously, the Google Contacts app used just two tabs, Favorites and All. This has been replaced by a hamburger menu with more options. There are options for viewing contacts and duplicates (which we will get to later), as well as filtering by labels and accounts.

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Google Is Testing Quick Contact Shortcuts In The Main Search Interface

You may have noticed that if you search for someone you know in the main Google Search app on Android, their name will automatically appear if they're already in your Google Contacts. Those search results might get a bit more useful soon: at least one user spotted some advanced quick shortcuts added to his contacts in the Search bar. As shared on Google+, James Scott Jr. saw links to call, text, or email some of his contacts right there in the search results.

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Google Contacts Can Now Use Phone Numbers To Pull And Auto-Populate Business Data From Maps On The Web

How many times have you called one of your favorite businesses only to realize, the next time you wanted to reach them, you hadn't bothered to create a contact for them? Or you had, but you hadn't put their address or website in the card, because who wants to go through that pain in the butt, am I right?

Google Contacts [on the desktop] to the rescue! In a new feature announced for the desktop contacts site, any time you put a phone number in a new or existing contact card that matches a known business on Google Maps, contacts will then automatically populate the card with the rest of the business info, down to the profile picture.

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Yahoo Mail Offers Contact Syncing And An Open Beta Of Its Android App

Yahoo Mail might not be the trendiest web mail service on the planet, but it's still used by hundreds of millions of accounts (if not necessarily that many actual people). And somehow, the official Yahoo Mail app for Android has neglected to sync contact information with the operating system before now. That's been rectified, according to the Mail blog on the Yahoo-owned Tumblr. The latest version of the app in the Play Store, 5.5.3, confirms it in the changelog.

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Google Maps v9.25.1 Adds Batch Photo Submission, Puts Contact Addresses In Your Places, And Gives Suggested Searches On Location Pages [APK Download]

Developers usually use version numbers to convey the amount of change an app has gone through from one release to the next. But what does it mean when Google Maps not only jumps over v9.24 entirely, but also skips forward a patch release to give us v9.25.1? Let's assume it's a sign that there are a lot of new features and not too many bugs. This version certainly doesn't disappoint on new features. There are a bunch of additions to be seen, so let's get right into it.

What's New

Unofficial Changelog: (there may be more)

  • Contact addresses appear in Your places screen and on maps.
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Tip: Use Micopi To Spice Up Your Blank Contact Photos With Unique Geometric Designs

The generic placeholder image in your contacts app for people lacking a proper photo is pretty boring, isn't it? Ideally, you'd want to add a photo of each person, but maybe you don't have one. A handy alternative is Micopi, which generates cool geometric designs in place of the boring old silhouette.

1 2 3 Screenshot_20160108-125050

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Connections Is A Microsoft Garage Project That Consolidates Information About Your Contacts, Available Only In India

One of a smartphone's core functions is to contact your contacts, so you probably have a bunch of them. Some, maybe even most, folks would consider the default contacts app on their phone sufficient, but Microsoft is working on a piece of software for people who would say otherwise.

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Addappt 2.0 Arrives With A Redesigned Interface, Smart Favorites, Full Group Support, And More

You can swap out pretty much all of the default apps on your phone for something else, including the one that manages your contacts. Addappt (yes, that's with one too many d's and p's) is an alternative that saves you the hassle of messaging all of your friends whenever your number changes or accidentally sending an email to an address that has been deleted. With this app, users automatically update one another whenever they make changes, so everyone is always current.

Version 2.0 has hit the Play Store, and it brings with it a number of changes. There's a new interface that, while not a fully material experience, looks more modern.

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