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Contacts sync is breaking on some devices running Android Oreo

One of the most basic and convenient features of life in Google's ecosystem is contacts sync. From email to phone numbers and Google+ profiles, you know that whatever platform you are on, you'll be able to reach out to the people you need to with a minimum of fuss. But for some this essential feature isn't working correctly, and contacts aren't being successfully synced to their Oreo-powered Android devices.

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Google Contacts v2.3 may add real-time location sharing [APK Teardown]

Google is starting off the week with an update to the Contacts app. After poking around for quite some time, it looks like there aren't any notable changes on the surface, but changes to the resources suggest that we'll soon be able to turn on real-time location sharing with other people directly from within the Contacts app.

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Some Galaxy Note8 phones are freezing when the contacts app is opened, even for texting and speed dial

Believe it or not, Google isn't the only company with issues on its flagship devices. We've been informed that many units of Samsung's Galaxy Note8 are completely freezing when the contacts app is opened, and that includes when other apps like 'Messaging' and 'Phone' use it as well. Basically, these Note8s are refusing to function as phones.

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Duo and ViLTE video call integration with Google Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages is rolling out to Google-supported phones

If 1950's science fiction has taught me anything, it's that video calling is supposed to be the future. Today Google announced in a blog post that we're one step closer to that vision of reality. Integrated video calling (via Duo or ViLTE) is rolling out to first-generation Pixel, Android One, and Nexus devices, via the Phone, Contacts, and Android Messages apps. No schedule yet for ray-gun or jetpack integration. 

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Google Contacts v2.2 updates the contact pages with quick access bar, full-width photos, and other UI improvements [APK Download]

If you've been craving some visual changes on your phone, an update to Google's Contacts app is rolling out with a few tweaks that are pretty noticeable. This version brings back full-bleed contact photos and adds a quick access bar. There are also a few other visual tweaks and a filter for the contact list has been moved. As always, you can grab the latest update from the APK Mirror link at the bottom.

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Inability to add contacts to home screen in Oreo fixed with Google Contacts v2.1.3 [APK Download]

Perhaps you like to put contact shortcuts on your home screen. Well, Android 8.0 doesn't. If you try to add a contact shortcut via the widget menu, the home screen just refreshes itself without adding the icon. Boo. There's now a new version of the Contacts app that fixes that. Yay.

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[Update: Hidden upcoming features discovered] Google Contacts is now officially available for all devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above [APK Download]

For anyone tied into Google's ecosystem, storing and managing contacts is best done with the official Contacts app. The Android version recently saw some minor cosmetic changes, improving its already eye-pleasing material look, and the web interface has also employed the same consistent design language since the start of the year. Until recently, the app was only available on Google branded phones, but now compatibility has been extended.

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Allo v15 adds a shortcut to your contacts so you can quickly start messaging [APK Download]

A new version of Allo began rolling out yesterday, but unlike so many previous releases, this one wasn't preceded by any Twitter announcements from the developer team. That's not too surprising because this looks more like a maintenance release. However, there was one subtle enhancement that's definitely worth pointing out: Allo now integrates with contacts on your phone so you can quickly jump to the app and start a conversation. A teardown of the apk revealed that most of the other changes are in service to the upcoming launch of an Allo web client, which had been examined in detail with a teardown of v14.

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Google app v7.4 beta prepares for Google Home calling, manual rerouting of voice commands, and more [APK Teardown]

There's another version of the Google app floating around in the wild, and as we've probably become accustomed, it doesn't appear to make any notable changes upon installation. However, there are some interesting elements floating around in the apk. In this update, we can see the first signs of support for making calls with Google Home and a new action that allows users to manually reroute voice commands to the device in their hand. There's also a new feature that looks at your notifications in an effort to give easier access and suggests about your contacts and messages.

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Google Contacts 2.0 includes a cleaner UI and changes to contact management [APK Download]

The Google Contacts application really hasn't changed much over the years - after all, it just has to store contacts. Last year the app was updated with a hamburger menu and the ability to merge duplicates. Now Google has released version 2.0 of the Contacts app, with more design improvements and changes to how contacts are sorted.

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