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Waze adding notifications for gas stations supporting contactless payments

Gas station payment terminals are rarely sanitary in the best of times, and 2020 is emphatically not that time. Folks here in the States that prefer a contactless system can now enjoy the convenience of Waze-integrated contactless payments at participating Exxon, Mobile, and Shell locations. Just link Waze with a gas station network's payment app, and you'll get a notification the next time you drive into one.

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Google Pay is now available for 25 new banks in 14 countries

Google Pay support is ever expanding among financial institutions, and that's both the case in the US and the rest of the world. As such, we've compiled a list of the latest international banks that have added their credit and debit cards to Google's contactless payment service, coming in at a total of 25 institutions across 14 (mostly European) countries.

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Android 11 Beta now works with Google Pay

After many delays, the Android 11 Beta finally launched last week. While the software already feels relatively stable compared to the earlier developer previews, there are still some quirks that need to be worked out, like video playback problems and mispositioned text entry boxes. One issue won't plague us adventurous beta users any longer: Contactless payments through Google Pay are finally available.

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Mastercard says NFC payments have jumped 40% due to coronavirus concerns

There's a lot to like about mobile NFC payments. They can prevent identity theft by giving stores alias card numbers, they're faster than chip readers, and most importantly right now, you don't have to physically touch the payment terminal. That last bit is probably why contactless payments have jumped 40%, according to financial services company Mastercard.

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OnePlus launches its own mobile payment system

Fans of OnePlus will be glad to hear that the company has pushed out is own new payment system, but they'll be sad to note that it's only available in China for the time being. The new OnePlus Pay works over NFC and is available for OnePlus 7T and 7T Pros running HydrogenOS.

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[Update: Just India] Nokia 6.2 and 7.2 won't have NFC in some markets — that means no Google Pay

One significant detail regarding Nokia's newly-announced mid-range 6.2 and 7.2 slid under the radar yesterday, but it turns out the company's published spec sheets were in error. Although Nokia's website initially claimed the devices wouldn't get NFC in the US, Latin America, or India, those details were apparently incorrect. Only India will be missing NFC support.

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[Update: Another 12] Google Pay support comes to 29 more US banks, credit unions, and trusts

It seems like almost every hour, some new small-town bank in the US backwoods picks up support for Google Pay. Well over two thousand financial institutions already work with Google's payment platform, including all the big names you expect, but a few more of smaller stature have been recently added. For those with an account at one of the banks listed below, it's time to celebrate.

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Weekend poll: How often do you use contactless payments?

Most of us probably have money on the mind, given tax day is just around the corner. As we're all going through records and transaction lists for the last year, I'm curious about how you choose to make payments. NFC's effectively universal availability gives people in 27 countries access to Google Pay, and Samsung phones have that sweet MST — just two names among a longer list of options. So, how often do you use contactless payments?

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Target will soon support Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and other contactless payments at checkout

In a truly red letter day, Target has announced that it is, finally, going to support contactless payments at checkout. Long, long overdue, this news obviously means that you can use Google, Samsung, and Apple Pay, as well as NFC cards, at the payment terminals. 

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Google Pay arrives in Italy, supports 7 banks

Google Pay's expansion across the world continues in Italy. Seven banks are available from the outset, so if you're a member of one of them, just add your Maestro, Mastercard, or Visa card to the app and you're good to go.

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