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[Update: Also in Gmail] Google contact cards get a new look in Hangouts and Google+

Hangouts and Google+ may not be the hottest apps they once were (or not) a few years ago, and one of them is going to be shut down soon, but there's still (very) slow development affecting them. In the latest change, the contact card has been redesigned to fill up the entire screen and better fit with the more modern Material aesthetic.

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Allo v23 prepares to display vCard details and add a new attachment type, may be launching audio message transcriptions and camera effects soon [APK Teardown]

Google began rolling out version 23 of Allo yesterday. No feature changes have jumped out at us yet, but there's plenty of material for a teardown. There are more details about the upcoming camera effects for selfies and selfie clips, a new type of attachment, custom support for contact cards shared between people, and more.

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Card Case Shares Contact Details With Those Around You Using The Nearby API

The Nearby API is arguably one of the coolest features Google introduced in Play Services last year, but its potential remains largely untapped. Pocket Casts and Trello were one of the first apps to use it for sharing, but very few apps have since followed suit and even less have been built solely to utilize this new capability. Last week, we heard of Radon, an app that shares links to nearby devices, and today we have another new app that does the same for contact cards: Card Case.

Contact sharing is, if you ask me, one of the most logical ways to use Nearby.

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