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U.S. households embrace smart speakers with 24% owning at least one, Nielsen study finds

Smart speakers are quickly becoming standard across U.S. households. My grandmother recently floored me when she demonstrated how she uses her JBL Link to play 60s music with Google Assistant. I was impressed because she was still learning how to Google, but here she was jamming out while making breakfast. That’s the moment I knew smart speakers were here to stay. Research from Nielsen now confirms the sudden rise of this market category.

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Samsung Gets Sued For Lack Of Updates In The Netherlands, Says Stagefright Is 'A Theoretical Problem'

People are upset at phone manufacturers for taking their sweet time sending out software updates. That's understandable. It's why commenters laughed at Sony for releasing Android 5.1 to some of its phones several months after Marshmallow was available. It's why customers are pissed that Motorola isn't standing by some of its cheaper handsets. And apparently it's why a consumer advocacy group is suing Samsung in the Netherlands. reports (via auto-translation, so please forgive any small errors) that the Dutch Consumentenbond is taking Samsung to civil court over a lack of consistent updates to its Android-powered phones.

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AT&T Offers Sponsored Data To Partners: They Pay, You Get A Free Pass For Your Data Cap

Does it ever bother you that you have to pay for the bandwidth that companies are using to show you advertising? How about the fact that you have to pay for a PDF policy download from your insurance company? AT&T is hoping to make those bits of your data cap (or overage charge, as it may be) disappear. Today the wireless provider is accepting applications from other companies that wish to sponsor data.

sponsored data

Here's how it works: you're browsing the web and you come across a video ad for, say, a new flavor of Coke. Being the data-savvy customer that you are, you don't open the video, because it will just eat into your data cap.

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[Editorial] Google TV Is Bad, And Google Should Feel Bad

Last night, I finally sold my Logitech Revue.

Why? Google's absolute silence on Google TV (GTV) during I/O keynotes represented, as I saw it, the last straw for the platform (at least in its current state). Of course, Google TV hasn't really seen much action since last fall, but after former Google CEO Eric Schmidt promised big, magical things for this summer, it seemed Mountain View might still have some GTV tricks up its sleeves. As it turns out, those sleeves were empty, and the company now seems to view its attempt to save us from cable boxes as a dead horse.

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