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CES 2016: What To Expect From Android Police's Coverage Of The World's Biggest Tech Show

It's that time of year yet again: CES. Android Police has covered the Consumer Electronics Show for the last six years, of which I've attended five. This year, I'm back in Vegas again, this time with our teardown master Cody Toombs. We've watched CES go from a formidable proving ground for dozens of Android devices built by manufacturers both big and small to a show with a dwindling mobile presence, far more focused on connected technology, vehicles, and CES's more traditional niches (appliances, TVs, gadgets).

As such, what you can expect from CES 2016 is a lot like what you got in 2015: a few phones and tablets - not many - and a lot of gadgets that work over Bluetooth or IoT technologies to interface with your smartphone or tablet.

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Android Police's Live Coverage Of CES 2013 - Here's Our Preview, And Schedule Of Events


Tomorrow, Ron Amadeo and I will begin a pilgrimage. To tech Mecca - aka CES. If you've never been, CES really is like a religious journey of sorts. If you weren't in some vague way obligated or naturally inclined to go, you probably wouldn't. Perhaps that's a little jaded, but ask any member of the tech media, and they'll probably corroborate: CES is fun, it's awful, it's spectacular. Funawfultacular, if you will.

Some people actually just flat-out hate it.

But man, there's stuff. A lot of stuff. It is difficult to convey the mind-bogglingly huge scale of this show.

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