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The Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app is already live on the Play Store

Nintendo's long-awaited successor to the Wii U, the Nintendo Switch, is due to be released tomorrow. In preparation, Nintendo has already released the console's Parental Controls application for iOS and Android.

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[Update: Nintendo Says No] Nintendo's Next Console May Be Built On Android

File this in the weird, unlikely, but well, stranger things have happened, category of rumors. Japanese website Nikkei, which appears to have a good track record when it comes to Nintendo rumors, has dropped a little piece of insider information regarding the company's next console: the NX (that's the console's codename) might be based on Android.

According to Nikkei's insider source, an OS based on Android would make it easier to get developers on board.

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[Update: Back On Amazon] LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga Touches Down In The Play Store, Still MIA From Amazon

If the response to the first Episode VII trailer was any indication, pop culture is going to be positively saturated with Star Wars between now and Christmas. If you're in the mood for a take on the original classic trilogy and the other, not-so-classic trilogy, LEGO is happy to oblige. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, originally released for consoles back in 2007, is now on the Play Store for $7.


LEGO's whimsical re-telling follows the basic plot of the movies in a sort of puppet show fashion, replacing most of the plot with charming slapstick comedy.

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OnePlus Teases An Upcoming Gaming Device (For Some Reason) Debuting In April

OnePlus never met a product it couldn't portend in the most annoying way possible. So it is with the company's new "game changer," a device teased (where else?) on the official OnePlus forum. A representative says it's not a tablet or a smartwatch, and offers three teaser images to try and whet the appetites of potentially new and repeat customers. Let's have a look, shall we?


The first image shows just a red circle in HAL 9000 fashion. Creepy undertones aside, that seems to imply either an infrared sensor or a camera.


The second image is a trail of light lines making out the OnePlus logo.

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NVIDIA SHIELD Set-Top Box Hands-On And Gaming Breakdown

In a lot of ways, NVIDIA's SHIELD (not to be confused with this SHIELD or that SHIELD) is a typical set-top box. And in many ways it isn't: though NVIDIA has built its living room invader on Android like the previous products in the line, the OS underneath is merely a means to an end. And that end is selling you games, in every form and fashion that the company can come up with.

SHIELD will release its Android TV-powered console sometime in May with a suggested retail price of $199. We took a good long look at both the hardware and the games that NVIDIA hopes you'll play on it.

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Xbox One SmartGlass Beta Update Focuses On Game Clips, Achievements, Activity Feed Comments, And More

When it comes to pushing pixels and providing deeply immersive experiences, consoles have a leg up over Android devices. But this doesn't mean that phones or tablets don't have a role to play in couch-based gaming. Xbox One SmartGlass users can turn to the Android app as a way to manage their Xbox account and interact with others without having to back out of their game.

An update has rolled out to the SmartGlass app, which is still in beta, that gives users a place to highlight their best game clips, show off their achievements, or share their location. Microsoft has also tweaked the UI for leaving comments on peoples' activity feeds.

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Xbox One SmartGlass Beta App Updated With Ability To Purchase Games Remotely And Other New Features

Microsoft may have its own smartphone platform, but when so many Xbox gamers walk around with Android phones in their pockets, it would be a shame to ignore them (or their wallets). So the company has rolled out another update to its Xbox One SmartGlass beta app, and this one introduces the ability to purchase games and add-ons for the console remotely. It's a nice feature for people who have run out to buy an Xbox One with or without Kinect.

2014-07-24 10.14.59 2014-07-24 10.17.05

This is perhaps the most substantial addition, but it's not alone. The update also provides users with the ability to like game clips and items in their activity feed like the social media addicts we've all been groomed to be.

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Google Preparing Expansion Of App Discoverability With Listings On Official Chromecast Site [Update]

Since the Chromecast debuted, Google has had partnered apps featured at According to a tip we received this evening, and a post by Leon Nicholls to the Google Cast Developers community, it looks like Google might be ready to show off third-party apps at the same URL.


The Google Cast Developer console has been updated, allowing users to enter details about their apps for inclusion on the Chromecast site. Google has evidently been sending the following note to developers of "Google Cast Ready apps."

wm_Screenshot 2014-06-18 02.08.11 (1)

The updates to the developer console should feel roughly familiar to those who frequent the Play Store's console - it asks developers for basic information (package name, iTunes ID, or website where appropriate), category, availability, name and description, and an icon.

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Latest Hulu Plus App Update Turns Your Android Device Into A Remote Control For Your PlayStation 3/4 Or Xbox One

The Hulu Plus app is perfectly capable of pumping out videos on its own to a small screen. With a Chromecast plugged into your TV, it's even able to cast content out to the big screen as well. Now the app is gaining a feature that will give it even more control over your viewing experience. Starting with the latest update, Hulu Plus is capable of becoming a remote control for Hulu content streaming from the Xbox One, PlayStation 3, or PlayStation 4.


The functionality should be relatively straightforward to use. After launching the Hulu Plus app, your game console should be detected automatically (as long as it's turned on and signed into the same Hulu account).

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[New Game] Double Fine's Platforming Adventure The Cave Is Now Available In The Google Play Store

The Cave was released way back in January as a downloadable title for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Steam, and probably everything else that can slap together an Internet connection and a few polygons. Adventure game aficionados were thrilled, because it's got quite a pedigree, coming from the designer of classics The Secret of Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion, along with being developed by the much-loved Double Fine. Now it's out for Android, and you can pick it up on the Play Store for five bucks.

The Cave follows a handful of protagonists who are lured to... well, a cave, so I suppose you can't fault the game for untruthful advertising.

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