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New Sonos PLAYBASE is a $699 soundbar TV base

Sonos makes some super expensive speakers. The name is the first that comes to mind when thinking about connected speakers, so much so that it's the first brand of speakers any company tries to support when it's entering some adjacent market in the smart home, connected home, or audio software/hardware space. While I doubt that I'd personally buy a Sonos speaker even if I had the money to spend on it, I know that a lot of people swear by their Sonos and would purchase more if they could. For those people, there's a new candidate in town vying for their wallet's wad of cash: the PLAYBASE.

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Google Announces Cast For Audio, A Chromecast-Style Standard For Streaming Directly To Connected Speakers

Google's inexpensive Chromecast is already popular for streaming audio from sources like Play Music and Pandora to your television, but now it looks like the company wants a more specific approach for music. To that end Google has announced "Cast for audio," an audio-only version of the system that streams directly to connected and certified speaker systems, no extra hardware required. The first compatible speakers should reach the market in the spring of this year.

Cast for audio utilizes the same simple interface and remote connection as Chromecast: simply tap the "cast" button on your phone, tablet, or browser tab, and the content will be sent over the local network to the speaker, at which point it pulls down the music directly from the Internet.

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