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'Raven' adds dash cams, remote monitoring, and a customizable dashboard to any car

There are plenty of ways to extend the 'smart' functionality in your car. You can buy a dashcam, buy a Bluetooth adapter for the AUX port, use an OBD app to diagnose problems from your phone, or connect a tracking device. Raven, a new 'connected car system,' aims to integrate all of that into one single device.

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T-Mobile announces the SyncUp DRIVE, a 4G LTE hotspot for your car

Car trips can turn from fun to annoying fast, especially if your little ones in the back can't get their fill of Disney Channel shows on Netflix. T-Mobile aims to solve this (and other predicaments caused by lack of Wi-Fi in your car) with the T-Mobile SyncUp DRIVE.

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Samsung Announces Connect Auto, An OBD-Based Wi-Fi Hotspot, With AT&T As The First Network Partner In The US

"Connected cars" are all well and good, but you need a pricey new model or a mobile hotspot to see the benefit. Samsung thinks it has a solution for everyone with an older car: a gadget that plugs into a standard On-Board Diagnostic port (OBD) and rebroadcasts mobile Internet on local Wi-Fi. It's a simple idea, but one that's easy and unobtrusive. The company calls it the Samsung Connect Auto.

The Connect Auto was announced in Samsung's home country of South Korea, though the timing coincides with Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. There's no date or price for the gadget, but Samsung has already announced its first network partner: AT&T.

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