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Reolink Argus 2 is a $129.99 outdoor wireless security cam with a rechargeable battery and a $30 solar charger option

Reolink is one of the lesser known security camera brands available. The company, like Amcrest, is more recognized in the NVR world, but it recently started stepping into the connected cam market. I reviewed its Keen and Reolink products last September and now the Reolink 2 is out with one major advantage over the original version: a rechargeable battery.

In my review of the Argus, I had lamented the lack of a recharging option, which forces you to use 4 CR123A batteries, that depending on where you live, could be difficult to find or expensive. That also means you have to keep changing the batteries every few months, which may not be ideal for an outdoor security cam that you placed in a far-to-reach place.

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Canary camera integrates with Assistant, but only to provide environment info as a start

Canary has seen one pretty steep low this month after the big change in features for free users including the reduction of video recordings to a short measly 10-sec preview. But now the smart camera company is hoping to gain back some love with the introduction of its Google Assistant integration.

Starting today, you can head over to your Assistant's "Explore" section and look for Canary, or use this direct link, and connect your Canary account to Assistant. When that's done, you'll be able to ask Assistant to talk to Canary or immediately say things like, "ask Canary what's the temperature at home," or "ask Canary for the humidity in my apartment." You can also inquire about the battery life of the wireless Flex camera.

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[Update: Live for Flex cam] Canary introduces 2-way talk, new web app, and enhanced livestreams to its connected security cams

Despite trying out many brands, Canary is still one of my favorite connected cams but its software keeps advancing at a very slow pace and competitors are starting to catch up. That's why I was happy today to see several new features coming to Canary... until I realized most of them require a Membership subscription. Why does everything good in tech these days require a monthly bill?

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