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[Deal Alert] Owlet Smart Sock 2 baby monitor down to $240 ($60 off) on Amazon

As someone who's expecting his first child later this year, I've already begun to drown in a sea of endless research about baby products. It's not all that bad, of course — it's a bit fun discovering all the innovative, tech-infused products out there. One that I didn't know about until now was Owlet's Smart Sock 2, which is a different kind of baby monitor. You can get one of these smart socks for $239.99, which is $60 off the original price (a 20% discount). There are only a few hours left on this Amazon Deal of the Day.

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mamaRoo Bounces And Sways Your Baby While You Sit, Work, Or Watch, And Control It From Your Phone

Part of me is completely smitten by this infant seat, the other is appalled by how little we seem to hold, care, or connect with our babies. But I guess there are legitimate uses for a seat that replaces human motions, like for parents who suffer from back problems, those who need to get work done around the house with no one else there to help, and those whose babies start crying uncontrollably the moment they are put down. If you're just a lazy parent who needs someone (or something) else to rock your baby while you sit on a couch and watch a sports game, I got not sympathy for you.

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