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Google announces a bunch of features to bring Meet on par with Zoom

Zoom and Google Meet have skyrocketed in popularity during the lockdown, with each of them having their pros and cons. Unfortunately, Zoom offers several advanced features that aren't available on Google's conferencing service, such as advanced moderation controls and customizable backgrounds. Thankfully, the company is working on improving Meet: It recently unveiled a live noise cancelation feature, and just presented a load of new features that will make conferences more engaging and easier to moderate. Surprisingly, these will be exclusive to education users for now.

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The Nest Hub Max now supports Meet and Duo group video calling

When Google introduced the Nest Hub Max, it came with a built-in camera and microphone that allowed for two-way video calling. Sadly, it was only possible to have one-to-one sessions until now, meaning you couldn't join conferences from your smart display. The company is now expanding the device's capabilities by enabling you to join group calls straight from your Hub Max.

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BYO beer and webcam: COVID-19 driving people to online drinking parties

It's been a bedraggling week of news about a global infectious disease and it looks like there'll be more of it to come soon. So, while we're still together on this overloaded crowd of circuitry called the internet and while I still have my job, let's talk about some people who have come together in a Zoom conference room to drink and commiserate.

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Hangouts Meet can now call US and Canadian phone numbers for free

Hangouts Meet is Google's voice/video conferencing software for business use, and it comes as part of G Suite. There's even purpose-built hardware for it that was updated last month. Like similar services, it allows you to create and share a code that can then be used by employees to connect to meetings. The dial-in feature is great for staff on the move, and now that's being extended further.

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Hangouts Meet's dial-in feature now works in nine additional European countries