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Google is adding subtopics to comparison queries for quicker access to common questions

Anyone who's used Google search recently will know how many different cards that have been implemented as of late. Google is now taking this a step further by including automatically generated expandable tabs that elaborate on different aspects of searches with comparisons, such as "quartz vs granite."

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Prices For Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, And Chromecast Across The Globe

Last year's lineup aside, a good balance of specs and price has become a hallmark of Google's Nexus line, but this year not everyone around the world will be getting the same bang for their buck.If you live in Europe, you may end up paying over 40% more for a Nexus phone than stateside, and you won't receive Google's $50 Play credit either.

We've gathered the prices from several countries for both Nexus phones, as well as the Chromecast, and arranged the numbers out in the table below for your viewing pleasure. The prices in each cell are shown in US dollars first so you can sort each column to compare figures. There are still a few gaps in the table, so feel free to share any other numbers you know and we'll add them in.

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