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DJI GO 4 offers a new UI and fresh editing capabilities for drone pilots

DJI, purveyor of premium-brand drones to the poor and the gentry, has a new app on the Play Store. It's a companion app for the recent entries in the company's lineup, mostly focused on the built-in still and video cameras. The app has a livestreaming function (but not remote control) and editing built in. But something odd is going on here: why is version four of the GO app getting a separate listing on the Play Store, despite the fact that both of them are free? The older app mentions support for Inspire, Phantom, and Matrice 100 drones, while the new one drops the Matrice in favor of the Mavic Pro.

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Sony's weird Future Lab Program N prototype gadget gets an Android companion app

Never let it be said that Android Police discourages innovation. Even so, the "N" device from Sony's Future Lab Program is a little hard to wrap your head around. At first glance it looks like one of those neckband-style Bluetooth headphones, and indeed, it does fulfill that function (with a pair of "open ear headphones" that are similar to, but not the same as, bone conduction buds). But it also has a pair of open-air speakers on the neckband, like a tiny little boombox. It isn't limited to music, either: according to Sony's site for the N, it also delivers "up to the minute information" like news, weather, fitness data, and notifications.

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Sphero's Star Wars Force Band lets you control BB-8 using motion gestures

The Force Awakens is approaching a year old, but by Star Wars standards, the merchandising is only just beginning. A particularly new offering is the Star Wars Force Band, which lets you control Sphero's tiny BB-8 droid that has been rolling around since the film hit theaters. But instead of doing so using an on-screen interface, you use the Force.

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FIFA 17 companion app lands in the Play Store for Ultimate Team trading on the go

Remember when console sports games were just about, you know, sports? RBI Baseball back on the Genesis was basically just Street Fighter with nine guys on a side: pick a team, pick an opponent, and go. EA's latest soccer games have season modes, manager modes, career modes, and on and on and on. The FIFA Ultimate Team mode, a mix of franchise management and "fantasy" sports with full-length matches, is designed so that players can pit their team-building skills against online opponents all over the world. (Oh, and also spend a bunch of money on in-app purchases for a $60 game).

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MyNBA2K17 brings basketball battle cards back for another season, plus face scanning

Every year console sports fans get a new NBA-branded basketball game from mega-publisher 2K. And for the last several years running, Android has been blessed with an official companion app. Sort of. See, MyNBA2K isn't just a companion app that tells you when your buddies are ready to play, et cetera. It's also a free-to-play mobile game that, oddly, depicts computer-controlled battles between digital playing cards. Oh, and there's a big currency system behind it all, driving $100 in-app purchases. Of course.

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World of Warcraft: Legion's official companion app is up on the Play Store

Blizzard has been blowing GPAs, sinking careers, and ruining marriages with World of Warcraft for over a decade now. It's an enviable achievement. Though the biggest MMO game in the world has declined in recent years, the latest expansion hopes to add enough new and interesting content to bring old players back and maybe even snag a few new ones. One of the biggest new features is support for an official companion app, so addicts no longer need to rely on a PC to get their WoW fix.

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Hotlap Heroes brings top-down local racing with up to 8 players to Android TV

It's not often that we see an Android game released just for Android TV, aside from the various exclusives that NVIDIA has acquired for its SHIELD set-top box. Hotlap Heroes eschews smartphones and tablets and insists that players experience its old-fashioned racing action on a full-sized television. The 3D racing game, a rookie effort on the Play Store from developer Team Pea, is $3.99 with no in-app purchases.

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EA Releases Mirror's Edge Catalyst Companion App

The original Mirror's Edge came out nearly a decade ago, and immediately garnered attention with its unique first-person running gameplay. This success was not followed immediately by a sequel, which seems strange for EA (since when does EA leave money on the table?). Instead, it's taken this long to get another Mirror's Edge game, and there's a companion app live in the Play Store in preparation for tomorrow's release.

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Samsung's Gear 360 Action Camera Gets Its Own Manager App, Compatible With Galaxy S6, S7, And Note 5 Series Phones

It's impossible to launch a new flagship phone these days without some fancy (and expensive) companion devices. At least that seems to be the approach that Samsung and LG are taking, and the former has a very interesting 360-degree action camera on the way. The Gear 360 captures both still photos and video in (you guessed it) 360 degrees thanks to dual lenses and a ball-like design. The Gear 360 is launched in Samsung's home market of Korea, and though it's yet to get a western release, the companion app is already available.

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Android Companion App For Homefront: The Revolution Is Already Live