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Phiaton BT 390 review: A competent, compact pair of Bluetooth headphones that sounds great

You all know how I feel about Bluetooth audio products by now, especially my opinions about the inverse relationship between portability/convenience and sound quality. It's true that most of my Bluetooth audio reviews here on AP have been negative, however, what I have today completely blew my expectations. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to judge anything before I actually get it and test it, but I'm jaded, so I was very surprised here.

Meet the Phiaton BT 390, an extremely competent pair of Bluetooth headphones that pack very good and balanced sound, and even amazing battery life, into a foldable, portable body.

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Xperia X Compact now available on Amazon, unlocked for $499

One week ago, the Xperia X Compact became available for pre-order on Amazon for $499 with a $50 credit. Today, as expected, it is officially available for sale on the site (we have yet to locate other sites currently selling it).

The X Compact, the smaller version of Sony's latest smartphone offerings, features a 4.6" 720p screen with a Snapdragon 650 CPU. The phone also has 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage with microSD expansion, USB Type-C with Qualcomm Quick Charging 3.0, and a 23MP rear camera. Keep in mind that the X Compact does include Android 6.0 Marshmallow at launch, but you can easily unlock the bootloader through Sony's Open Device Program.

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Microsoft's Tiny And Flexible Bluetooth Universal Foldable Keyboard Is Now Available For $100

I love me some Microsoft keyboards - for my money their layout and key designs beat Logitech any day. The company's latest entry into the mobile accessory market is a Bluetooth keyboard designed to be as tiny and compact as possible, folding lengthways into a rough square just 5.8 inches across and less than half an inch thick, about the same size as a CD case. Fold it open and you've got a full six-row keyboard ready to be paired with a phone, tablet, or even a full desktop computer, and Microsoft claims that the Universal Foldable Keyboard is made with Android, iOS, and Windows in mind.

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