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OnePlus announces new Ideas campaign to crowdsource the next big OxygenOS feature

Do you have a killer software idea that would be perfect for the next OnePlus device? The Chinese phone manufacturer has announced its new Ideas initiative that taps into the OnePlus community to uncover the next big OxygenOS feature. Through this program, members can submit their software ideas to a public wishlist, vote on their favorites, and help bring them to life.

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YouTube starts showing community posts on the web home page

YouTube's community features began showing up around a couple of years ago but it took a year for the feature to reach more channels and start popping up in users' home feeds on mobile. However, on the web, these posts were not as easily accessible: you had to go to each channel's page to see if it had any community updates. That won't be the case for long though, as posts are starting to show up on the home page for a few users.

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[Update: APK Download] Neighbourly is Google's new community Q&A app for India

Google's been focusing on India a lot lately. Following Areo, a food delivery and home services app, and Tez, a mobile payments app, the company has just introduced Neighbourly, a Q&A app through which you can ask and answer questions about places and events in your community. 

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Facebook vows to bump news stories from local sources higher up the news feed

There have been a few signs already this year that Facebook is maybe feeling the heat. Perhaps younger users are tending towards trendier, more dynamic forms of social media. Perhaps older users are tiring of such platforms altogether and going back to sending hand-written letters. Whatever the reason, Facebook understands that it needs to make some changes to keep its users coming back.

So far this year, the company has killed its unsuccessful virtual assistant, promised to clean up Messenger's act, and committed to making the Facebook news feed more personal. We knew even more changes were coming, and in a post yesterday CEO Mark Zuckerberg explained that the next update would rank local news higher.

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Google Bulletin is a new hyperlocal community news crowdsourcing app

Google has just unveiled a brand-new app designed for sharing inspiring stories between users who make up local communities. By giving every user the same platform, Bulletin hopes to unearth and highlight interesting news that would otherwise go unheard.

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Google rolls out a new "Remove, report, and ban" option for G+ community moderators

In light of the spam issue on its social networking platform, Google has announced that it's rolling out a new tool for community moderators. Dubbed "Remove, report, and ban," the company hopes that this will help to curb the swill problem on Google+.

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ZTE admits the crowdsourced ZTE Hawkeye didn't meet expectations, asks community for feedback

ZTE's crowdsourced phone, the ZTE Hawkeye, hasn't done remarkably well since it was announced at CES. The Kickstarter campaign has only raised 7% of the $500,000 goal, and funding has only increased by $4,000 in the past six days. Now ZTE is going back to the community, asking what could be done to improve the device.

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YouTube is testing new Community feature for supplementary content

I'll admit, YouTube has added some strange features lately, and at first glance this seemed like yet another useless addition. Starting with a few select channels, a new 'Community' tab will appear on the channel's profile, both on mobile apps and the desktop site. This essentially works like a social feed for the channel, allowing content creators to share text, images, GIFs, livestreams, and more straight through the YouTube app. You can even choose to receive push notifications for Community posts.

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Google+ v8.3 prepares to enable image comments, community moderation improvements [APK Teardown + Download]

The Google+ app is getting an update today, bringing the latest version to 8.3. The changes aren't going to be very extensive for most people, but there are signs that one highly requested feature will be coming in the future: image comments. It looks like there may also be some changes for community moderators either in place already, or coming soon.

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Crowdfunded Console OS Accused Of 'Stealing' Android-x86 Project's Open Source Code

The world of open source collaborative projects can be murky at times, and throwing crowdfunding into the mix doesn't make it any clearer. This odd intersection is the source of much drama in the small but passionate community that wants to see Android become as widespread on the desktop as it is on mobile. Members of the open source development team over at the Android-x86 Project, which aims to make Android operable on standard PC hardware, claim that Kickstarter project Console OS has "stolen" Android x86 code and presented it, at least in part, as its own creation.

This is where things start to get complicated.

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