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Google Is Rolling Out New Custom Invitation Options In Hangouts

Hangouts does some things well, but letting you know when someone new is trying to contact you is not one of them. Google is rolling out several new invitation options to Hangouts that will make things much clearer. What's more, it looks like they're already live in the Android app.

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Gamer-Focused Chat App Curse Launches On Android... Without Voice Calling

Online gamers know the value of communication, believe it or not. For every twelve-year-old cursing into his mic like a sailor with a stubbed toe, a dozen are connected to third-party communication apps and coordinating efforts behind the scenes. That's actually a bit tricky for PC games - you either need some kind of overlay or you have to switch programs to manage your connection. Curse, a service with more than a million registered users, hopes to fix that.

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Curse is a mobile app that lets you communicate with your fellow players without having to break the flow of the game on your computer screen.

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Disa, A Messaging Client That Can Merge Conversations Across Services, Is Now Available As A Public Beta

One of the problems with instant messaging since time immemorial has been juggling contacts and conversations across multiple services. It's bothersome on desktops, and it's especially unwieldy on mobile devices, where multitasking isn't as easy and similar sounding chimes can send you searching through the wrong app for the latest reply.

Disa is a new Android messaging client that attempts to tackle this problem. It has been in development for a long time, spending a healthy period in private alpha being tested by over 33,000 people before making its way to the Play Store in the form of a private beta.

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WhatsApp Beta Update Adds Android Wear Support With Voice Replies

WhatsApp has become a social staple in many countries around the world. Where I live, it's either use WhatsApp or be a social reject... so everyone uses it. However, by relying on the app for all of your messaging and communication needs, you have to accept that its new Android-specific features will come at the developers' whim. Thankfully, they didn't take long to update the app for Android Wear.


Version 2.11.318 of WhatsApp has been made available for download on the official website. This is the usual way this developer seeds new releases before updating the app in the Play Store. It's not labelled as a beta, but that's essentially how it's treated.

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GoTenna Looks Like A Pricey But Cool Way To Stay Connected When No Signal Is Available, Now Up For Pre-Order

Smartphones can connect two people anywhere in the world, assuming both of them have service. Stumbling into an immensely large crowd of people all trying to use their phones at the same time or wandering into a patch of land that a carrier doesn't cover can instantly sever someone's connection to the outside world. This is typically inconvenient, but sometimes it can be life-threatening. That's why goTenna isn't just a potentially cool piece of upcoming tech, it may end up being a necessary one. And considering the flood of trendy Bluetooth-connected devices that mainly just pamper us in creative new ways, this is the kind of innovation I'm happy to see.

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[New App] Pair Is The Social Network Just For You And Your Schnookums, Lets You Text, Tease, And Thumbkiss Your Significant Other

The social landscape of the 3rd millennium can be extremely confusing. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, texting, can all be a bit much. Sometimes you just want to get away from it all, go to a nice quiet place with someone you care about, curl up together and enjoy some nice alone time. Now, thanks to Pair, you can do that on the go! Pair is a social app that allows you to stay in contact with your significant other and no one else. Sorry, polygamists.

pair1 pair2 pair3

The app is actually packed with plenty of useful features. A shared to-do list lets you and your partner keep up with household-y things.

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Serval Mesh, A Network-Free Communication App, Finally Makes It To The Android Market

It's now been more than seven months since we first caught wind of the Serval project, which promised to allow Android users to make phone calls when conventional cell networks aren't available or simply don't work. Recently, however, the team's initial stab at network-free communication - an Android app called "Serval Mesh" - has landed in the Market.

As briefly mentioned in the above video, the Serval team also has another form of network-less phone calls in the pipelines: an inexpensive, relatively small phone tower that can be dropped into disaster areas by air.

In the meantime, you can check out the app using the QR code and link below, or learn more about the future of the Serval Project by visiting their website.

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