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YouTube starts collapsing comment section on video pages by default

YouTube's comment section has always felt like an afterthought on mobile — you have to scroll all the way past video recommendations to see it. Whether that's good or bad depends on how much value you see in comments, but we can all agree that the current interface is far from great, and YouTube saw fit to change it. The company has announced that it's adding a comment section preview right below a clip's description, expandable by tapping on it. There are also general changes to the watch page, like bigger Up Next thumbnails and the inclusion of community posts along these.

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YouTube experiment puts comment section above 'Up next' recommendations

The YouTube app is constantly under construction with Google changing up little things here and there all the time. The comment section in particular has come under scrutiny this year, with Google even hiding it behind a button during a test this June. The latest experiment in turn makes comments more visible. YouTube is putting the section right below the video description for some as part of an A/B test.

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YouTube will disable comments and personalized ads on children's content in wake of FTC fine

Google (via YouTube) is rolling out new protections in the coming months for children using the video-streaming platform in the wake of the recent $170 million FTC settlement. As part of that change, personalized ads and comments on children's content will be eliminated, data collection for viewers of children's content will be reduced to the bare minimum required to "support the operation of the service," and content creators will be required to tag children's content as such.

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YouTube testing revolutionary new comment improvement system

YouTube's comment sections (and comment sections in general) are typically an unpleasant experience, especially when they're attached to content covering a contentious subject. In what is probably the single best change YouTube's platform will ever see, Google is experimenting with a way of hiding comments in the Android app, moving the peanut gallery's frequently vitriolic and stunningly ignorant keyboard-flailing behind a new button.

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Disqus is rolling out collapsed replies, and we hate it as much as you do

As you may have noticed, Android Police and a lot of other sites around the internet use Disqus as a comment platform. It's easier for everyone to have a system that works across sites, but we're also at the mercy of Disqus. You're about to notice a change in the comments, and we don't like it any more than you do.

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Facebook may soon let users block comments containing chosen words and phrases from their timelines

Online harassment has been an issue for about as long as online communication has existed. Facebook is known for taking measures to combat abuse and bullying on its platform, and it seems the social network is working on another feature to that end. You may soon be able to block comments containing specified words, phrases, or emoji from appearing on your timeline.

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Let's talk about comments on Android Police

Android Police has a fantastic community. The comments on our articles and YouTube videos are almost always filled with great discussions, and the live back-and-forth with viewers on our weekly Twitch shows is enjoyable. The amount of interaction we get on most of our posts is unparalleled for a site of our size, and we are very grateful for that. That being said, we want to address some negative things we've observed as that community has grown, and explain what we are going to do about them.

Recently, we've seen a dramatic increase in the number of openly hostile comments on AP.

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YouTube starts to implement user tagging, finally fixes replies with autofilled names

Commenting on YouTube is an exercise in frustration, and not just because of the way most people behave – that's a much longer conversation for another day. An assortment of bugs and unfinished features have been around for years and it feels like improving the comment section has been one of YouTube's lowest priorities. One of those persistent problems has been the auto-filling of usernames when you begin a reply, but now it looks like there's finally a fix in the works.

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[The Android Police Files #16] Please stop following me i do not do anything wrong to your devices or stalk and harrass unsuspecting people

Seven months have passed since we published the last installment of the AP Files. In that time, the Android world has seen some pretty interesting additions. Way too many flagships, including the latest from ASUS, Huawei, LG, and OnePlus, are being leaked/revealed with notches (thanks, Apple). Android P made its debut in developer preview form, and it looks like Google may be adding gesture navigation as well. LG unveiled the successor to the V30, the nicely-named V30S ThinQ, which is just a V30 with more RAM and some AI features you'll play with once and never touch again.

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YouTube's 'miniplayer-bar' test lets you keep watching your video as you read comments

We only just wrote about YouTube's new picture-in-picture test on the web, but it's common knowledge by now that Google loves running limited tests. The world's largest video sharing site is now testing a feature it calls 'miniplayer-bar' in its code, and it's something that really should have been implemented a long time ago.

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