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Pixel Buds marked as 'Coming Soon' in new product listing

If you're like me, you may have already completely forgotten about the updated Pixel Buds that were announced back in October. Google's second attempt at wireless earbuds certainly looked like a major improvement at the time — the cable connecting the two buds are gone — but we were only left with a spring release date. Now the release is nearly upon us, according to a new product listing.

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[Update: Out now, and it's awful] The Gang Sells Out: 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' is getting a mobile game

That's right, a TV show that has in the past ridiculed the addictiveness of online video games is actually jumping on the mobile gaming bandwagon with little to no sense of irony. Not only is It’s Always Sunny: The Gang Goes Mobile an actual free-to-play Android game set to release later this year, but it will include questionable mechanics such as collecting fan-favorite characters. As if the last two seasons of the TV show weren't bad enough, now we can expect this blatant cash grab to hit the Play Store before the year is out.

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A New Challenger Appears: Xiaomi's Mi Box Is A 4K-Ready Android TV Device 'Coming To The US Soon'

You might have noticed that there aren't a lot of Android TV boxes around. Aside from the original Nexus Player, the much-recommended NVIDIA SHIELD, and the generally regrettable Razer Forge TV, only a few somewhat random cable boxes and some Sony televisions are using Google's living room version of its mobile OS. But there's a surprise entry announced at Google I/O 2016: Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. Its "Mi Box" Android TV device ticks all of the hardware boxes, but what's even more surprising is that it's coming to the United States.

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Huawei Watch For Women Pops Up On The Google Store, Listed As Coming Soon

At this year's CES, Huawei announced a version of its Android Wear watch intended for women. Last week, we saw some of the options appear in renders on Huawei's Chinese website. Now the watch has appeared on the Google Store.

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Facebook Live Video Is Coming To Android Within The Next Week

There's this feeling floating around the Internet that Facebook is irrelevant. It's old. The kids have moved on. They're Tumblring, Vine-ing, Snapchatting, and Instagramming (okay, that one's owned by Facebook, but whatever). They wouldn't be caught dead using the same social network their parents sign into. Famous people aren't using it either. They've moved to Twitter.

What's a site like Facebook to do? Introduce live video.

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Spotify Announces Runkeeper Integration, Coming Soon To Android

Today Spotify announced the ability to track runs using Runkeeper while listening to Spotify. Integration should provide a smoother experience than swapping back and forth between the two apps.

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Pandora Introduces 'Browse' Section Filled With Music You Might Like, Coming Soon To Android

Millions of people already consider Pandora the best way to discover new music. You create a station starting with an artist you like, and the site follows that up with songs sharing similar characteristics. You indicate whether you like or don't like a song, and the station gets smarter from there.

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Better Twitter Retweets Are Here, Except Not Yet On Android—Again

Retweeting something on Twitter amounts to taking that person's tweet and sending it out again on your own personal feed. To add something to the message, users have had to do things the old-fashioned way—beginning a tweet with RT and quoting the text manually.

Now Twitter has improved the experience, embedded retweets the way it does photos.

This feature is rolling out now on the web and on iOS devices.

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Motorola Turbo Charger Appears On Google Play, Listed As Coming Soon

You can buy the Turbo Charger from Motorola's website for $34.99. But just like with brick and mortar stores, it's nice to have options. So if I may have everyone's attention, please direct your attention to the Play Store, where the charger is now listed as coming soon.

Screenshot 2015-01-21 at 4.32.27 PM

The Motorola Turbo Charger can plug into any device that draws its juice from a USB port, but if you pair it with something like the Nexus 6, it will recharge the thing in a fraction of the time a weaker adapter would take. Motorola says the plug will give its devices 8 more hours of battery life after just 15 minutes of charging thanks to an algorithm that manages up to 15W of power (though there's some small print to read up on).

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Yelp Announces Ability To Translate Reviews, Feature Coming Soon To Android

So you know how when you don't understand what someone's saying on Google+, you click that conveniently located translate button that appears at the bottom of their post and whammo, everything suddenly makes sense? Well, Yelp is planning on bringing some of the magic over to its mobile app. Users will be able to click a button to instantly translate reviews. It may not sound like much, but it could really come in handy when traveling in a country where the local residents speak a different language and you really just want to know where to get a plate of breakfast without breaking the bank.

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