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Marvel Hero Tales is an edutainment app to help kids learn to read and stuff

Kuato Studios have announced the release of Marvel Hero Tales, an educational storytelling app designed to promote literacy for children (ages 7-11). Each story is themed around famous Marvel characters (much like a comic book), and it will be the user's job to flesh out the narrative by choosing from a selection of words. Essentially, players can create their own personal superhero story while also improving their vocabulary development.

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[Hands-on] DC Unchained, another free-to-play mobile brawler that plays itself

DC Unchained is without a doubt DC Comics' take on the popular free-to-play mobile brawler Marvel Future Fight. You form teams of three heroes and villains to take on level after level of nondescript henchmen, all for the purpose of slowly but surely unlocking and leveling up your favorite characters from the comics. So while it is nice that we now have a DC-themed brawler to play with our favorite childhood DC Comic characters, the gameplay in this FTP mobile brawler is just as uninspired and grindy as ever.

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Google introduces Bubble Zoom preview for an easier comic book reading experience in Play Books [APK Download]

Do you read comic books from the Play Store? If not, you might want to start. Google just announced a great new feature at San Diego Comic-Con 2016 that changes the experience of reading comic books. It's called Bubble Zoom and it quite literally makes speech bubbles leap off the page. Each blob of text is identified and sequentially pops up with the press of a volume button or a tap at the bottom-right of the screen. Check out Google's introduction video:

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LEGO's Ultra Agents Adventure Game Gets A Sequel Called 'Antimatter' - Still Free With No IAP

Ultra Agents isn't one of LEGO's better-known series - the Marvel and DC superheroes and other licensed sets like the LEGO Movie collection get more love. But as a natural extension of some of the more original building toys from the 80s and 90s, it's a nice change that lets the designers stretch their creativity a bit. LEGO brought Ultra Agents to Android last summer, and now they've brought the sequel as well.

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As with the first Ultra Agents title, this is more of an "interactive comic book" than a conventional video game. Ultra Agents: Antimatter has a tongue-in-cheek story in the style of James Bond's more flamboyant movies.

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[New Game] Marvel's Avengers Alliance Jumps From Facebook To Android Bringing Turn-Based Combat And In-App Purchases

Do you dream of leading Earth's Mightiest Heroes into battle... in the fashion of a 1992 JRPG? The Marvel's Avengers Alliance is for you. This game got its start on Facebook before jumping to iOS, and now it's here to grab a few Android users before they go back to re-watching the Captain America DVD.

The game is a lot like Marvel's War Of Heroes, except with a more story-focused campaign and no collectible card game pretense. You're a rookie SHIELD recruit who's tasked with assembling the Avengers (and a bunch of random Marvel characters that tend to float among the universe's many, many super teams) to fight the staple bad guys.

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[Holy Digital Distribution, Batman!] DC Comics And Graphic Novels Now Available On The Google Play Store

Comic book fans have had various ways to read their favorite titles on Android for quite a while, most notably official stores like Comixology and Dark Horse. Now they can skip the middleman (well, at least one of the middlemen) for DC Comics. The nearly 80-year-old company has finally started publishing its comics, graphic novels, and trade paperbacks directly to the Books section of the Google Play Store.

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At the moment the selection of DC titles is somewhat limited, at least when compared to the tens of thousands of issues published over the years. That said, some of the biggest runs from the major superhero characters are already up, in addition to some of the bigger one-off titles like Watchmen and V For Vendetta.

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[New Game] Usagi Yojimbo: Way of the Ronin Arrives On Android, Sword In Hand

That's not just any rabbit with a samurai sword on your Android device. That's Usagi Yojimbo from the classic comic book series created by Stan Sakai and currently published by Dark Horse Comics. Now you can finally step into Usagi Yojimbo's sandals and fight your way through 13 levels of comic book-style action.

Way of the Ronin is a 2D side-scrolling beat-'em-up infused with the unique style of the Usagi Yojimbo comics. In addition to the hack-and-slash gameplay, this game treats players to a new storyline approved by Stan Sakai himself. This is the first video game appearance for Usagi Yojimbo in over 25 years.

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[New Game] Fantasy Horror Novel Bane Of Yoto Becomes 3D Motion Comic - Parts 1 & 2 Available Now For Tegra Devices

If you think the term "motion comic" means some barely-animated, poorly-produced DVD tie-in made for a quick buck... well, you're mostly right. But developer Leviathan Games is hoping to buck that trend with their new series of apps, Bane of Yoto. The story is based on the trade paperback of the same name, which has become something of a favorite in horror circles as of late. You can try the first part of the story for free, and the second episode landed yesterday for $3. Unfortunately, both are restricted to Tegra devices for the moment.

This ain't your pappy's motion comic.

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Marvel Drops Official App In The Android Market, Makes Buying Comics Even Easier

Not to be outdone by DC Comics, Marvel just pushed its official app into the Android Market. The app allows you to purchase and download comics featuring all of your Marvel favorites -- everyone from Captain America to Wolverine are along for the ride.

The app offers two ways of reading your comics: guided or traditional view. Guided offers an animated, panel-by-panel look at the comic, while traditional utilizes current device controls to zoom and pan through pages.

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The app is compatible with Android 2.1+, which includes tablets -- but don't expect a Honeycomb-optimized interface. Still, the added screen real estate can't be a bad thing when reading a comic.

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