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Internet pokes fun at Google Duplex's possibilities

Easily the best demonstration from I/O this year was Google Duplex, an in-development feature for Assistant that will call businesses for you to set up reservations or appointments. The possibilities are quite likely endless, which has inspired some people to come up with other great uses for Duplex.

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver creates fake (and hilarious) Samsung ad

Samsung has had a rough couple of months. It seems like every time the Korean electronics giant is in the news it's because something is catching fire, getting hacked, or its chairman is being arrested. The recent revelation that the CIA has hacked Samsung's smart TVs got the company on John Oliver's radar. Naturally, he roasted the company on the most recent Last Week Tonight.

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Randal's Monday mixes point and click adventure gaming with Groundhog Day

You can't swing a dead cat on the Play Store without hitting half a dozen point-and-click adventure games. That's not a bad thing, of course: between the relative ease of porting old adventure games to the platform and the way touchscreen controls are eminently suited to the genre, it's hardly surprising that they're getting a renaissance in the mobile age. The latest original adventure game to make its way to Android from Steam is Randal's Monday, a crass sci-fi romp that's heavy on humor and even heavier on pop culture.

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Saygus says it's restarting the FCC approval process for the long-delayed V-Squared

The Saygus V-Squared smartphone, which debuted with an intriguing presentation at CES a year and a half ago and was still being changed and promised at MWC in February, still isn't available. Of course it isn't. It's coming any day now, it really is, right after Valve releases Half-Life 3, Apple makes a combination television-car, and Google brings Fiber to [insert your town here]. But Team Saygus is insistent that the development process continues, as evidenced by their latest tweet.

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Love is for the birds in Hatoful Boyfriend, a pigeon dating simulator now on the Play Store

The dating simulator genre is still somewhat niche, so here's a quick breakdown if you haven't heard about it. In a typical anime-style dating simulator, you play as a young man or woman (often high school or college age) looking for love. This usually means talking to a bunch of different characters and potential romantic interests in branching dialogue. It's like an old-school adventure game, but the stakes are your love life instead of saving the world. Hatoful Boyfriend [sic] is like that, except that all your suitors are pigeons.

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[Warning - Troll Under Bridge Ahead] Google Has A Brilliant And Daring Plan To Unload Overstocked Nexus 9s

The Nexus 9 is not the most beloved Nexus device ever made. Its build quality is a bit questionable (people don't call it the Flexus 9 without good reason), the price is a little on the high side, its performance leaves something to be desired, and it hasn't had the best track record with updates. With these issues it's possible that Google is sitting on a fat stack of these tablets that it hasn't been able to unload.

Until now that is. You see, Google has a trick up it's sleeve that's sure to help relieve their Nexus 9 overstock problem faster than a Snapdragon 810 overheats.

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The Folks At The Daily Show Don't Quite Understand Google Glass [Video]

Glass Explorers have faced an unyielding torrent of discrimination from their clear-faced peers ever since Google first introduced the device to its first batch of eager early adopters. Wearers have been banned from certain restaurants and public areas, with people expressing concern over the ease with which Glass allows people to record others. With such a glaring civil rights issue taking place in modern day America, The Daily Show sent correspondent Jason Jones to investigate for its June 12th episode. The result was a five minute long bit that further persecutes people who wear Glass.


As you might expect, Jones is immediately dismissive of the idea of wearing a $1,500 face computer.

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[New App] MTV Releases Official Tosh.0 App, Suggests You Ditch Your Computer In Favor Of Its Tosh-Centric Functionality

Making it perhaps a little too easy to access Tosh.0's full "online experience," MTV Networks (on behalf of Comedy Central) recently released the official Tosh.0 app to Google's Play Store, adding a suggestion that users ditch their computers, because after all, "opening browser windows is for government workers and exchange students."

The app allows users to immerse themselves in a Tosh-centric world of internet interest, reading posts from the Tosh.0 blog, checking out Tosh's latest caption challenge, and watching videos from all seasons of Tosh.0, including everything from Web Redemptions to Video Breakdowns and more.

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The official Tosh.0 app also allows users to get "exclusive" alerts from the show, quickly share Tosh.0 videos on Facebook, and keep a sharp eye on Daniel Tosh's Twitter feed.

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Watch: The Galaxy Note Starring In Five Episodes Of Absolutely Hilarious "Fact Checkers Unit" Season Two [Videos]

I'm not sure how season two of Fact Checkers Unit escaped our attention back in January, but thanks to Samsung's official blog which highlighted this hilarious series today, we now know better. And let me tell you, if you haven't seen any of the new episodes yet, you're in for a treat.

Fact Checkers Unit started as a short film with Bill Murray, then turned into a web series (Hulu has the first season episodes as well), and thanks to Samsung, MTV, SXM Entertainment, and Moxie Pictures has now reached season two. All five episodes of this season maintain high production quality mixed with occasional Galaxy Note usage scenarios and top notch humor that is sure to crack a smile on your face.

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Angry Birds And The Pigs Sign A Peace Treaty [Hilarious Video]

Angry Birds is probably the most iconic Android game on the Market now - I mean, how often do you see people dressing up as Android game characters for Halloween, making game themed cakes and plush toys, and creating fan videos that millions can relate to? Probably not very often. Before Angry Birds actually turns into a full-fledged motion picture, let's enjoy ourselves watching hilarious gems like this one, shot for an Israeli comedy show. There is a tidbit of NSFW language in there, which, in my opinion, makes the whole thing that much more funny.

Love it or hate it - what's the verdict?

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