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Google app v7.26.16 beta may be preparing Collections to replace Saved pages [APK Teardown]

It has been nearly two weeks since the first beta of v7.26 began rolling out with several hints about what we can look forward to, but a minor update just started rolling out that appears to contain something else of some interest. It seems like something called "Collections" is coming to Google that looks mighty similar to the Saved pages feature, but with a few improvements already emerging.

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Google+ adds 'Highlights' notification option for communities and collections


Instagram's new collections allow organizing saved posts

For the socially-savvy, Instagram's new collections feature is bound to be a useful addition for de-cluttering your saved posts. Now, you can categorize each as you like with custom labels, making post-hoarding a much more organized endeavor.

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[Update: Changes Were Reverted By Server-Side Switch] Google+ v7.6 Brings A Bunch Of Improvements To The Notifications Screen [APK Download]

Who doesn't love a good update? That's a rhetorical question, of course. A few app updates rolled out today, including one for Google+ on Android. A look through it shows that this update was pretty well dedicated to polishing things up on the Notification screen. A previously announced feature is finally locked in, and some of the top requests from users have been addressed. As usual, we've got a link at the bottom if you're eager to get this one downloaded, or just keep reading to find out what's new.

A Server-Side Switch Has Reverted The Changes


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New Google+ Create Program Looks For Excellent Content Creators, Offers Verified Profiles, Early Access To New Products, And More

Each of the major social networks has evolved to place emphasis on something that they have excelled beyond all others. Twitter is the king of what's current. Facebook is all about planning events and staying in touch with family and friends. And despite a constant narrative about its impending doom, Google+ has become one of the best places for actual content creators to share their work. Photographers, writers, chefs, and other adventurous, interesting, and creative people have come together to share their passions.

Yesterday, Google announced a new program called Google+ Create that will fuel this trend by featuring great collections and the people that put them together.

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Google Will Discontinue YouTube's Collections Feature On May 20th


Google+ Collections Feature Begins Its Rollout

It seems that while Google hasn't actually released the official announcement yet (it's expected this morning), the Collections feature we've heard so much about in recent days now appears to be going live for some users.

Google has now officially announced Collections on the official Google+ page.

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Google+ Collections Set To Launch Tomorrow, May 4th

Google is just about ready to introduce Collections to Google+ publicly, according to sources.

Evidently, Collections is expected to launch tomorrow, May 4th, in the morning (Pacific Time), with an announcement coming from the official Google+ page of ... Google+. After its announcement, the feature will activate for web and Android users on a rollout that's expected to last a day or so. There's no word yet on when Collections will come to iOS.

The new feature, which we got a sneak peek at recently (followed by pretty strong code-based clues of an impending launch), will allow users to curate "collections" of their content for others to share and follow.

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Google+ v5.4 Begins Rollout In Preparation For New Collections Feature [APK Download]

A few days ago, we posted about a new Google+ feature called Collections expected to launch in early May. An update to the social network's app appeared earlier today, and while it probably won't produce any noticeable changes to the interface for most of us, it's packing everything Google needs to begin rolling out Collections to everybody. There are also some reports that a few people are already gaining access to Collections a little earlier than expected without being a part of the initial test group.

A quick teardown reveals a couple hundred new strings, some new activities, and even a few custom images (seen above).

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Google Apparently Testing 'Collections' For Followable, Curated Content Sets On Google+

According to a tipster (and a report over at DroidLife), Google is testing a new feature for Google+ that could be big news for the platform. For now, it's called "Collections," and it's being tested for an unspecified release target.

The basic idea behind Collections is curated content sets - like Pinterest boards or Dribbble buckets, users could curate pieces of content into their collection, with others viewing, sharing, and following those collections as they please.

Here's a look at a collection (note that Derek Ross is not our source - the tipster simply sent a screenshot of a collection including posts by Ross.)

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